Made: Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Time: 3:28p.m

Humans are weak.

They react with confusion

For things they don't know.

Fear and confusion.

There are so many fears

In this world of mystery.

So symptoms have been created

Throughout all of history.


Is the fear of being ridiculed.

Stage fright, people watching,

So we stay shy and dull.


Is to fear insanity.

Never knowing what you'll do next,

Mind full of random entities.


Is the fear of seeing yourself

In a mirror, that is.

Something I live without.


Is fear of being alone.

Unable to live with or without you,

My heart cracks until it's gone.


Is the fear of feeling pleasure.

Good things can be bad,

It's been proved, I'm sure.


Is the fear of words.

I just can't say them,

They're too absurd.


Is to fear change.

Moving, switching, too much.

Everything must stay the same.

However, out of all the fears

That are listed above,

What I know of most,

Is the fear of love.

Philophobia is the fear of falling or being in love.