On A Path Never Laid Out

I may seem like a freak to you all
Being serious at such a young age
I know what you think; nerd, freak, loser
My actions are far from what you all think is fun
But the way I see it, I have two choices
Be reckless now having fun, and later not having the life I desired
And taking the serious now what I must, and enjoying success afterwards
And if that is the choice, I choose the latter
For most of my life lies beyond these years
And I choose to make better that greater portion
Even though now I seem like the laughing stock of life
As I step off the pave road that most others take
In order to follow the lead of my ever loving heart
Through the thick grassland, ever so hard to walk through
Across the raging rivers, so difficult to swim
Climbing these mountains, so high and perilous
Though it may ay this point be the roughest terrain

It is the one that will bring me to the success I yearn to achieve
The goals that I, and only I, have set for me
This is how I wish to be remembered
As the man who followed the beat of his hearts drumming
So he could be the best he could be
As a man, a son, a brother, a lover, and a friend
Who took the journey

On a path never laid out