Case 6:

I was alone. But I wasn't, because I was in a crowd full of rowdy people. People who were baying for blood and a fight. Cowards, who could never live and fight the world themselves. But I was no better. I was a hypocrite. I couldn't watch, but my eyes couldn't stop watching the inevitable scene that unfolded in front of my eyes.

Perhaps I should say something. It was like the world had stopped to a crawl; voices were low and dim and sounded as if in the background. Pink faces, flushed red, had blended into one solid colour that swam before my eyes. I was feeling sick; dizzy and disgusted with myself.

The screams and shrieks came back with a vengeance and raised an octave even higher as the malicious boy in the centre of crowd raised a knife. He raised his hands toward the sky, and turned to face the audience, a triumphant look adorned his face, pure sheer bliss as he drank in the thunderous applause and catcalls for him.

I glared at him, intensity one hundred percent, but it was lost in the heat of animalistic adrenaline. What about the boy on the ground, he was bleeding. Bruises adorned his body, torso, where he had been forced to strip in humiliation. With one final smug, proud look at the crowd he brought the knife down as quickly as a hawk seizing prey and like knife through soft butter it sank into the chest cavity of the cowering boy.

The previously energised crowd had died away to whispers and shocked giggles. It was then in that moment that I had understood; they never actually expected him to do it. Not wanting to be part of a crime scene the crowd dispersed like smoke in the wind. The bloodied weapon lay on the floor innocently as if it had never done any harm.

Kneeling next to the injured boy, his previously wild eyes were now closed, breathing laboured. His heart felt like a butterfly trying to escape. His eyes flickered open to lock with mine. Green with flecks of gold. Eyes that I could recognize anywhere. And I was furious with him. Why? I wanted to ask. How? How could you let this happen? He just grinned at me. And like a bird taking flight, he left no traces of life behind.

I could hear the sirens. I stood up and dusted myself down. I turned and walked away and never looked back.

I hate bullying, but I hate it even more when people don't stand up to bullies.