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"Nnn- no..." The young boy's voice came out squeaky

"No?" A grown man responded, sharp, "No!?"

"I, I, I can't."

"You can't? Or you won't?"

"I can't." The boys voice shook in fear. The older man seemed to grow in front of him.

"LAIR! Last chance boy, do it or..."

The boy turned to look at the small baby three steps to his left. The squriming baby had dark black hair, like himself and the man, that curled at the ends, and also had dark eyes, and he was so small and helpless. Who cared? ...

The boy turned again to face the man. "No."

The man grimaced. "Your choice," He let three daggers fly towards the young boy's face who yelled out before falling to the ground.

The man knew he didn't kill him. What he had in store for the boy was much much worse.

He also turned towards the small life. His dark eyes narrowed, with hate and envy.

"Lets see how this plays out," the lean man thought out loud, then he threw his head back and laughed.


'Now you gold back your arm and throw as hard as you can. And after they've left your hand, don't stop. Continue with your arm all the way down. The trick is to do it swift and strong."

"Swift and strong" A fifteen year old boy repeated, and let the three rubber balls soar in the direction of the target, which hit near the center.

"Perfect. I'm sure you can do it with daggers now, but we'll wait." The the man you voice it belonged to turn around, thoughtful as he paced. "You'll also be ready for your first


The young boy smiled broadly at at and older male sitting on the sidelines. "Hear that big brother? I'll be able to do something useful for the kingdom!"

"Yeah... Zain, you do realize you'll be killing people?"

"For the good of our, I mean really our, kingdom. Why aren't you in training Ian? We could be unstoppable!" the younger boy, Zain, replied happily. The man, Devlin, melted into the corner of the room with a smirk.

Ian shook his head, "Killing is... a horrible thing to do."

"But it'll just be the people who want to start this stupid war... the people from Keylie and Watrii. And maybe Atare, if they're stupid. Fetakia could rule the world!"

Ian's eyes glazed over, and his lips pulled into a frown. "Sorry Zain. Most will be innocent people, besides," He winced. Three scars marked his face, parallel. Unerasable.

"No." Devlin, the king, came out from the shadows, "Zain, Ian's to weak minded to do what you were born to do. He's better off here, to sit and be useless."

Shock crossed over the Young boy's face, "But..."

"None of that," The king intruppted. "I actually have a mission for you now?"

Zain's eye's lit up, completely forgetting the verbal beating his older just took from their father, "Sweet!"

"Come then," he motioned towards Zain, as he looked with disgust and hate, and walked out of the room with Zain trailing him.

"Oh Zain..." whispered the scarred twenty-one year old man, who let tears slip.


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