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The clouds swarmed angrily in the sky. Rain threatening to fall any second now.

Her sneakers were soaked as she ran through the mud spring brought. Her body shook as a gust of wind caused goose bumps to rise on her arms. She could not tell if it was the cold, or her nerves that was causing this.

She glanced around nervously as she ran, afraid of doing anything rash. She tried to pick up a scent of them. Anything to know that they were approaching but the water around her was hiding them.

She heard a twig snap and she jumped, moving away from the noise. She usually wasn't this jumpy; she was usually stronger than this.

What had happened to her?

The momentarily distraction was all they needed as the brown blur jumped toward her.

She screamed, and took off in another direction through the woods, trying to dodge the branches and bushes that were scraping her arms and legs.

Looking over her shoulder she ran, pushing herself harder and harder, trying to make up lost ground.

She knew it had been stupid. She knew that they had been waiting for the chance to catch her in this sick game of cat and mouse.

Yet she had been stupid enough to get caught, to leave the house when he told her not to, to disobey a direct order. If she got out of this she was dead, he would personally kill her.

She paused, sensing that the wolf chasing her stopped to regroup.

She panted heavily deciding what to do next. There were at least three or four of them, maybe more, and she could not out run them forever, nor could she fight. That would be suicidal.

She brushed some of her red hair out of her face, causing the blood on her hand to mix with her hair.

She contemplated her two options, run, or fight. Just then she heard a growl in front of her. Their stood the brown wolf, the one with the crazy eyes. His one blue eye pierced through her. The other eye was now an empty grotesque socket, where the brown one should have been. She was staring into the eyes of the monster that haunted her life.

She took a step back tentatively deciding what to do. She tried to break the wall in her brain that was blocking her other half, but it was still standing strong. Running was her only option.

Another growl to her left sprung her into action; she saw a glimpse of light grey fur. She turned and sprinted, knowing she would not be able to outlast him for long, but not knowing what else to do. Her only hope was that the rain would come quickly washing her path away. She prayed that he would tire of this game, that her legs wouldn't give out, and most of all she prayed they wouldn't find him.

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