Drying off from another long bath,
I didn't bring my clothes with.
What's the need?
No one's here to see.

Loaded up with all my things—
dirty clothes, shower caddy,
a book, and my key hangs 'round my neck—
I start my trip down the hall.

Not having thought of it before,
I know it's that time of night again—
the time when employees patrol halls.
The elevator creeps up, as I inch around the corner.

I'm not safe 'til I reach my room.
As the male resident assistant
searches the other end of the floor,
my heart pounds, hoping that I can pull out my key in time.

Safe in my room, but heart still pounding,
I didn't shut the door for fear of being found out.
The man strides past my room like always—
my door can finally be closed.

A lesson learned,
never attempt streaking through the dorms—
you will get caught
as the RA always seems to be riding the elevator.