"Oh not THAT again," Allison groaned as she tossed the paperback aside. Gently, because she DID respect books. But still firmly, because she was annoyed.

Diane looked up from her own reading, the two sitting in the living room together. Since Mark had left, they had found they both enjoyed spending time together. Even just reading like this was nice.

"What?" Diane asked curiously, noting that Allison had been reading what looked like a fantasy novel.

"One of my pet peeves," Allison admitted, "a vampire novel using the whole 'blood bond' thing to skip over actually writing the romance."

"I've run into that in urban paranormal romance," Diane agreed, "or lifemates with werewolves. I often think it's because the author can't come up with any GOOD reason to pair their main characters."

"Exactly!" Allison nodded. "It's sloppy writing."

A odd look appeared on Diane's face.

"What?" Allison asked.

"Didn't YOU use that plot in one of your books?" Diane asked innocently.

Allison blushed faintly. "Well, I really COULDN'T come up with any reason the characters would even like each other..."

Diane laughed softly.

"I'm a writer. I occassionally engage in sloppy writing too," Allison said with as much dignity as she could muster.

Diane laughed again. "If it helps," she added, "I did like the book anyway."

"Thanks," Allison sighed.

To be continued...

Notes: I'm not dead.

Pardon the HUGE gap in updates. I've had a really shitty couple of years. My mother went into hospital for serious health issues, stayed there for nearly a year. Had no time to write between daily visits and work. She passed away. I had a minor breakdown, and have only recently gotten back to writing at all.

I intend to re-edit this as well, as I've noticed both errors and other issues. I MAY look into ebooking this, if I can stretch it out a bit more. We'll see.