i saw a girl today.


her reflection in the window as she passed.

my first thought

was that she was beautiful.

she wasn't a twig

like every other girl you see.

her hair was pretty,

with half of it tied up

and half falling over her shoulder.

but i also noticed

that her eyes were cast down

and her bangs,

which were brushed to the side,

hung in her face,

as if she didn't want

to even look at herself.

as if she didn't believe

she was beautiful.

then i realized

(with great surprise)

that this girl was familiar.

same too-wide shoulders

wearing the same loose shirt

and painty blue jeans

and purple converse sneakers

as me.

and for a moment,

i couldn't believe

that the reflection,

the beautiful mirror-girl i saw,

was me.

i passed her quickly,

dancing up the stairs with

a little more spring

to my step than before,

and i thought

with a tiny smile to myself

that maybe the others

(the ones who tell me

that i am beautiful)

aren't really

all that crazy after all.

a/n: i'm glad for the random boost in self confidence. i've been turned down again and i always feel like it's because i'm not pretty enough. i'd like to thank someone who always wants to kill me for helping me write this poem. if i hadn't nearly walked into you today, i wouldn't have looked up at the last second and seen this girl in the reflection of the window.