Today I found I could not discard
This little brown box
The history of your future lives within
Breathes fresh memories into me

I know they wonder about the draw
I could not tell you with all the words
The world can hold, it is not enough
And I could not tell you more than a nickel

A brief return to the past in this box
Shows me that connection
One that defeats the comprehension of
Humanity does not understand

Seal me with tape and bind me
To the future with a rocket
And a handful of leaves
We leave today

Head in hand and heart in head
Wheeled away by the duty
This connection adrift in
Oil and water

I miss you
As a tyre misses the road
But not as the leaves miss the tree
Or even as the touch misses the flesh

And this is why with all my cognition
And all my lack of reason
I cannot burn the box that
Connects me to the unknowable.