"My Soul Is"

My soul….

Is like that of a precious gem,

A diamond in the rough,

Or an emerald, glittering proudly on display.

Each facet reflects a moment, now lost in time

Yet still forever cherished

It is solid as crystal in that, like winter's ice, stands firm

As darkness and woe surround it daily

My soul….

Sings a ballad of reckoning

Gladly, it hymns for the tomorrows yet to come,

Softly, it whispers dirges for those gone past

It praises the now and that which will be,

And beckons evermore to be heard…

By your ears

My soul….

As the wings of a butterfly flutter about

So do my soul's heartstrings strum fast

Floating gently in tune with the world abound

With each passing flit, the colors unfold, then mesh, again and again

Keeping you guessing, and waiting

Ever so patiently

Until you reach out and see the entrancing design

With your own eyes

My soul….

Reflects yours for all of its glory

Each of ours a brilliant gem just the same

And it sings a sweet melody every time yours draws near

The tune rising to the heavens, so as to join even God's choir

Then is soars, ever gently

Painting a wonderous picture

For beauty…….

Is my soul