A/N: Yes, another one-shot where the names are seriously weird. For those of you who aren't in the know, these are/were roleplay characters who started out as animals, so the names and eyes aren't that weird. Hopefully I got Hyena's personality right. Anywho, enjoy Blazeh and everyone else who reads this.

Blood lay cuddled up in his bed, deeply asleep. He was spooned naked against a pillow like it was a lover. He would occasionally twitch in his sleep, then settle back down. Hyena watched all this, lurking in the shadows of her lover's room, waiting to give him a wake-up call. Her yellow eyes tracked every tiny movement he made until she decided his sleep wouldn't get any deeper without him being drugged or dead.

She reached into the bag she'd brought with her and pulled out four nylon cuffs. They'd been padded so they wouldn't necessarily hurt her lover. That was her job. Slowly and carefully she tied Blood to his bed, glad that he was a very heavy sleeper. He shifted a little, his eyes slitted open, and then he was out again. Hyena's lips curled into a smile as she went back to the bag.

Inside were condoms, lube, a dildo, a small straight razor, an opium scented candle, matches, and a ball gag. Since they were in the dorms, they had to keep it quiet. She lined up the objects from her torture-chamber-in-a-bag on the desk by the bed, lit the cnadle, stripped off her clothes, then straddled Blood lean stomach. "Wake up." She murmured. It was, as expected, ineffective. Grinning darkly, Hyena slapped him hard, clapping her hand over his mouth to keep him from making noises as his pretty blue eyes snapped open, staring up into her slightly crazed yellow ones.

She removed her hand and pressed a finger to her lips in a shushing gesture. He smiled excitedly, thoroughly willing to play. Their relationship was based almost totally on pain. Not the safe pain that went with BDSM. Between them, there were no safe words, nothing was too far or out of bounds.

Hyena leaned over the black-haired boy beneath her and pulled back her razor and the gag. She held the razor between her teeth and presented the gag to Blood's mouth and he opened obediently. That accomplished, she took the razor from her mouth and let him see the finely sharpened edge, then she moved it a few inches downward and slowly made several thin little cuts around his left nipple. Blood squirmed and whimpered helplessly beneath her, the delicate pain making the muscles in his abdomen clench and his hips arch.

Keeping her eyes locked on his, Hyena leaned forward and slowly lapped at the silky crimson liquid that oozed from his abused flesh, rolling the metallic treat around on her tongue. Blood's breathing grew harsh as she suckled the tender skin until the shallow wounds slowed their bleeding. Then she bit him, not hard enough to break skin, but it would bruise. His body stiffened, so very close to the edge. She'd denied him for days…

Biting her way roughly up his neck to his ear, she growled, "Don't you dare come yet, you simpering little bitch, or I swear to God, you'll be sorry." She pulled away, glaring at him, her icy yellow eyes pinning his until he looked away. Satisfied, she turned her attention to his right nipple, repeating what she'd done with the left. He trembled beneath her, squeezing his eyes shut and making soft pleasure noises into the gag as the dark-haired girl bled him and lapped it up like candy.

Then Hyena stopped and leaned back, waiting for Blood to open his eyes. When he did, the evil smile she only got when a very bad idea crossed her mind was curling her lips. She slid off him and the cool air touched the slick wet spot where she'd straddled him. He watched as she set the razor down, picked up the pillow that had fallen to the floor, and positioned it under him as he arched his hips as best he could to help.

Still smiling the evil smile, she went back to the desk by the bed and picked up the lube and the dildo. Blood swallowed hard, knowing exactly what she intended to do to him. Hyena laughed softly at his reaction, the sound wicked, as she spread the thick clear substance on the bright red shaft. Slowly she walked to the foot of the bed and settled herself between his slightly raised and spread thighs and set the tip against the virgin entrance. "Brace yourself, princess." She told him and began to push it inside.

Blood's eyes squeezed shut as Hyena forced the dildo in, not giving him any time to adjust until she'd packed it fully inside him. Then she kissed the tip of his penis gently, slowly taking the tip inside her mouth and sucking until his blue eyes flared open and he looked down at her. She hummed around his stiff, aching erection as she engulfed more down her throat, scraping her teeth lightly on the veined flesh and licking at the underside.

Then she pulled off him and walked back to the desk, opening the box of condoms and took one of the foil wrapped rubbers, quickly ripping the silver cover and turned back to her bound and ready lover.

Blood watched as she rolled the cool latex down his shaft, trembling from the painful pleasure of the dildo stretching him and Hyena's firm hands touching his needy flesh. Slowly, she straddled his hips, watching his face as she positioned the tip of him at her entrance and eased her body down. Both their eyes shuddered closed as she clenched tightly around him, quiet female sound coming from her throat as she took him fully inside until he pressed hard against her cervix.

Hyena raked her nails down Blood's chest to his stomach, leaving long red whelps behind and he made sounds into the gag, thrusting his hips up at her as she began to ride him. He tugged at his bonds and helplessly tried to set a faster rhythm. Again, she clawed his chest, leaving more violently red whelps in his pale flesh. One even began to bleed a little.

She braced her hands on his stomach, the contact making the claw marks burn, and sped the rhythm up, heated pressure building in her lower belly. She felt him swell inside of her as her inner muscles gripped him hard and she went over, digging her nails into his flesh as she spasmed around him. He followed her a second later, spewing his seed into the rubber.

Hyena undid Blood's gag, rolled off him, and collapsed to the side, breathing hard, a satisfied smile on her lips. She looked at his thin, heaving chest. It was an artwork of pale skin, swollen red flesh, and blood. He'd definitely remember this for several days.