Adam was very nervous: he finally made his mind up, and he decided to face his parents and tell them the truth: he was gay.

He knew his parents would not be pleased: they were a really traditional and conservative couple, the kind of persons who attend to the church every Sunday, observe the religious holidays and has a very old-fashioned view of gender roles, and a gay son would crush their world.

But Adam wasn't afraid anymore, and it wasn't about fill mom's and dad's expectations: it was about his own happiness, his identity and the right to live his own life the way he wanted to live it.

Adam knew his father WORSHIPS the old Founding Fathers, especially Thomas Jefferson, so he plotted an elaborated argument saying that this was his own "pursuit of happiness", expecting that this may help him, but then again, he was the kind of person who listens to Rush Limbaugh every morning, so…

-Mom, Dad…I have something very important to tell you?-

After those words, his parent's faces got a worried look, nervous and without knowing what was to come.

-What happened? Adam? - Her mother asked.

-Well, the thing is that…I'm not like the other boys?-

-Are you a mutant? - His father said


-George! Don't be silly! - Adam's mother replied to his husband

-I'm sorry: please, continue son…-

-OK: As I was saying…I have to tell you the truth, and I am…- Adam said before been interrupted again by…

-Don't tell me you're a Democrat! - His father said

-George! - Adam's mom yelled.

-What? Dad, I even don't have the legal age to vote!-

-Alright! Alright! No more interruptions…- George said.

-Thanks…well, the thing is, that…-

-Oh My Lord! I knew it! You are…-

Adam was very afraid, and he saw in his father's eyes all the rage, the frustration and the deep despise, but it was the moment of the truth, and Adam was ready for it.

-…You are pro-gun control right?!- George exclaimed.

And now Adam was just confused: it was getting a lot harder than he initially thought, and tired of this situation, he finally came up with the right words.

-I'm a queer you old man! Can't you understand!?-

Then, there was an awkward silence: The done is done, and what it had to be said, it was said, and now, there was nothing more to do but to face the reality and the reactions.

-Oh, that's it? We already know! - The mother said.


-OK, let me check: are you…well, I don't know how your people liked to be called…"Gay-American" right? - His father asked him


-But you're not pro-gun control?-


-You're not Democrat…-


-Alright, I was just checking…-

-Wait, what? - Adam interrupted- What's going on? Don't you care about this?-

-Oh sweetheart, we have eyes, we knew it all along since you participated in that school play…- The mother said

-Well, a lot of kids participate in productions of "Romeo & Juliet"…-

-Yeah, but not all young boys play Juliet…- His mother replied with such a lovely voice that Adam had to accept that they seemed to know about his "secret" since a long time ago…

-So, you don't have any problems with that?-

-We've been prepared for this moment since 10 years, how can we? - His father answered

-OK…but one last question: Why did you ask me if I was a mutant?-

-Oh, your father was watching that "X-Men" movie last night…-

And that's all: Adam's family accepted him, of course, unless in the next elections Adam decides to vote Democrat, or if the "Mutant Act" becomes a hot button issue.