To my left is a group of people taunting me
For who I am, and soon will be
The ones who don't care about my intentions
Because they'd rather focus on how un-cool I am

To my right is a group of people talking about me
They don't think I can hear them, but I can
They call me a loser, a freak, and an outcast
All because I don't fit their social status standards

Behind me is a group of people snickering at my style
Because I dress to increase my comfort, not popularity
They know that everyone else would make fun of me too
As they stand at the top of the social hierarchy, and me the bottom

But in front of me is the people who love me, and I love back
Because they see through, what the others look for
And see a man with a heart filled with loving kindness
To them they'd rather not have me any other way
They are the ones who matter most, they are my friends