These three years have been quite the experience

I must be crazy not to write some kinda song 'bout this

It's just been kinda hard considering that I don't care

You kinda flattered me and yet you always kinda freaked me out

And I would talk to you but whenever I'd think about

Seeing you again, I'd get kinda scared


Then that stupid seating chart

You copied off me for a semester in art

And the teacher didn't move us 'cause she said, "That's love"


And you gave me plastic roses

Red and pink, just like our noses

And said, "Maybe we'll be in love someday"

And you're friends said, "You should date her"

And I said, "Not yet, but later."

So you ran and told the school I'd said OK


Looking back at it now, both of us were kinda jerks

But let me tell you, psychopath, that you were kinda worse

I said, "He's just a little strange"


Yeah, yeah, you were quite a perv

And you had a lot of nerve

But I didn't realize you were so deranged


You gave me chocolate and a teddy

But I really wasn't ready

For the note that said, "I'll always love you"

Pretended not to understand

When you tried to take my hand

I didn't know what to do


We were pretty good friends I guess

To admit, I'm embarrassed

All this in a year, well, things change

I used to kinda date you

I used to kinda hate you

But now I'm apathetic, how strange


You showed me a comic

That you wrote, and I was in it

Everything I said was just like me

Thought it'd never happen

But we're kinda friends again

I guess that proves we're both kind of crazy