Last Chance

This is my last chance power ride

Goin one hundred in a forty zone and

my heart is goin even faster.

We're comin quick to a halt, a disaster.

Heart racin aint an olympic sport but

if it was I'd be in first place,

gold medal around myy neck kinda like

these feelings grasp my heart and pull until

the music plays loud enough for everyone around

me to hear it's soft melody so smooth and delightful.

My heart sprints like the 100 meter dash keeps going to the

finish line and until they win or loose, cross the line because

second place won't win me the prize, your heart, indeed I want to win

so I'll try hard until I run out of


Gas is a high price low powered substitute for heart power fueled

by desire and determination and I'm gunnin it for the prize, my last chance.

To win your heart.