In the beginning there was a white bird that would only sing one lullaby. Even so, that lullaby captured many creatures' hearts. The one we call God was among them. He said, "I would do anything to fulfill the wishes of the white bird." So, God asked the white bird what it wanted and it said "I want a playmate. Someone who I can play with, I am bored with just singing to the few who have gathered. I want something to which I can have fun with instead of sing to all the time."

So God thought long and hard about a playmate he would give to the white bird. He thought and thought, until he had the most amazing and perfect playmate for the white bird. God went to a different space, a different place, and created what we know as Earth. He created the wind, the seas, the land and all its creatures. When he felt satisfied God went back to the place of the white bird and asked the white bird to see what God had created for it. The bird looked astonished as it gazed around itself in this new wonderful world.

"It is lovely," the white bird said with a laugh, "and you made this for me?"

"Yes," said God as he looked happily at the white bird, "I have created this world for you as a playmate. My only wish is that you will hopefully still sing your wonderful lullaby for me and the world I have created."

The white bird nodded in agreement, and began to sing its beautiful song to God and the new world. The time passed many ages and centuries like this; the white bird singing its lullaby and God listening to it. Until one day the white bird asked, "Why did you give this world a free will when you created it?"

God pondered this question and answered simply, "I wanted it to be an amusing world. One that could keep you entertained no matter what, and if it did not have a free will then it would be a dull world, would it not?" The white bird agreed to this explanation but could not shake the feeling that something was missing. The white bird examined the world and found that there was no being that God had created that resembled him in any way. The white bird questioned God about this and God replied, "I do not know why I did not make creatures like myself. Do you want me to create more beings that are like me?" The white bird replied yes and together they formed the beings called humans.

The humans, God, and the white bird lived in harmony for many more centuries, until the fateful day that a new being had come to God's world. A sense of hatred enveloped this newcomer it spread and covered God's world; corrupting the humans making them hate and doubt. God and the white bird did not know this evil that was affecting the humans and searched the world to find this plague. What they found startled them. For what was the cause of this destruction was a black bird, an identical twin of the white bird.

"Why do you do this?" asked God, "Why do you attack this world out of malice? What have we done to deserve this kind of treatment?" The black bird looked at them with cold eyes, the exact opposite of the white bird's warm loving eyes.

"Why? You ask," the black bird laughed out in a horrid emotionless voice, "Is it not obvious. I am the opposite of the white bird. I am compelled to destroy. It is in my nature." The black bird laughed on continuing to watch as the humans became more and more corrupt. The white bird stepped toward her opposite as if to embrace it, but the black bird stepped away from the white bird, staring at it with eyes of malice. "Dear white bird, you are my other half. I am compelled to love you, but at the same time I hate you and your pureness. The white you were given and the black that was thrown onto me are two opposites that must co-exist with each other, but must oppose each other as well."

"But then does that not mean that you are not the exact opposite of me," the white bird announced, taking a step towards the black bird, a perplexed look on its face, "If you can love me and hate me, then you are not of one but of both. Even I can feel doubt, no one is perfect. We are neither black nor white, evil or good, pure or un-pure, all that is living consist of the two. We all consist of different shades of others and ourselves." In this time of speech the white bird had taken slow measured steps toward the black bird, and was standing only inches away from it. God looked on as the white bird reached and caressed the cheek of the black bird, which now had tears glistening down them. The black bird stood still as a stone as the white bird started to sing its lullaby. Suddenly the black bird started to sing with the white bird, their voices harmonizing and blending until it was not possible to extinguish the two.

God looked on as the chaos from the black bird seized and the humans all slept peacefully. God listened to the black and white birds sing their lullaby, weeping from the emotions that flowed from their voices. No one will ever know the tale, God thought looking on as the two sang. The two birds stared into one another's eyes as the lullaby gradually silenced. They turned to God, in unison, their thoughts seeming to become one.

"We wish to become one with this world." Both said in a harmonized voice. God looked on, as though their words confused him; they continued on, "We wish to become the guardians of this world, and maintain the balance between the humans and nature."

"Why would you want to do that? That would mean you both would disappear. What could you want from that?" God demanded, outraged and grieving. God would lose the white bird's lullaby forever if they were to join the world. "We wish to be together, forever, as we are." The black bird answered, while the white bird continued, "Do you understand what we mean?" It hit God then; that no matter how much God loved the white bird, the white bird's rightful place would be with the black bird, forever. "How would we go upon doing this?"

"Create ones in your image with black wings." The black bird said.

"And create ones in your image with white wings." The white bird answered.

God did as they said and created humans with wings of black, and wings of white. The black bird walked towards one with white wings and named it 'Angel.' And the white bird walked over to one with black wings and named it 'Devil.' By giving the opposite a name, the Angels were not fully pure, and the Devils were not fully evil. The two walked to the other and joined hands; standing between the Angels and the Devils, they started to become one. They looked at God and both stepped to a side of God; the white bird on the left and the black bird on the right. Both leaned simultaneously and kissed God on each cheek bidding God a farewell, "We will always be here-watching over this world. We thank you for helping us to become one. Pass on the tale, even when everyone has forgotten, we know you will not forget."

Their body's started to twist and warp into one another, as they became one. Roots grew from their feet; spreading through the whole world to its very core. Their upper bodies stretched into branches of enormous size. They reached so high that they seemed to leave this world all together. Beautiful leaves spread from all the branches. God saw all this and wept for the two who now could become one and be happy, forever.

The tree would be told in the tale as Yggdrasil, The World Tree. The tale has been lost for most times, but has resurfaced in times that God has deemed it to be remembered, sent down by the Angels and sent up by the Devils the tale continues to live. Have you ever wondered before when walking around a forest, why everything seems to breathe life? Maybe, you've stepped into the land near Yggdrasil, where it is said that even the rocks breathe life.

Can you hear it?

The lullaby of the two birds

The End