By: Alone and Lonely


(The real one missing...)

The girl busied herself finding somewhere to hide on. She was about six years old and some boys were kinda bullying her—chasing her here and there. She's already got some scratches from running and now, the boys were sooo catching up on the run.

She tried to run faster but she couldn't. She was so tired she keeps falling to the ground but when she's looking backwards to see her chasers did she bump onto someone. This someone caught her though.

She slowly lift her gaze, scared that this someone --which happened to be a boy about a year older than her-- could be one of those bullying idiots which is not.

He's got a pair of unfathomable, black, emotionless and serious eyes for a small boy staring at her, his matching long black hair, particularly his long grown bangs avoiding her to see them but nevertheless she still had. When their eyes met, a fleck of light seemed to emit in them.

She fainted and he held her still as the bullying boys came in a halt from seeing him.

The boy laid the girl on the grass-carpeted ground and stood up in a very manly gesture. He looks like a little man in it though.

He glared at the boys and these boys seemed to be scared by his deadly looks.

"Stop bullying her or I'll crush you into pieces," he said very, very manly. He's so cute, you know.

He stepped forward and by this, the boys ran.

On the other hand, another boy was watching them…jealous.


In a faraway place, a man face in rage, shout and yelled, "WHERE COULD THEY BE?!"

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