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C is for Cade

Cade groaned as soon as he pushed into his shop.

The area was sunlit, the wooden floors gleaming golden, the rows and rows of CDs neatly arranged. At the back, there was a sizeable collection of records, for those who were interested. To the side were a couple of computers, so his precious, money giving customers could order any CD they might not have in stock.

His little kingdom was in order – but for the couple arguing at the cashier. The girl was lovely and curvy, with hair scraped back from a pretty face. The boy, standing behind the counter and supposed to be working as his cashier, was edging towards skinny, with his golden brown hair once more dyed, this time red and green.

He had no idea what they were arguing about this time round but he was not in the mood for it. "Brett, I pay you to work the till, not stand around, arguing with the customers."

Brett stopped talking, staring at him with mouth agape. Even the girl – Brie – turned to stare at him.

"Oh ignore him," Jamie said as she passed by on her way to restock the shelves. "He's just suffering from sexual frustration."


Brett snickered and finished ringing up Brie's purchases. Honestly, that girl spent more money on CDs than Cade did on food. "Having trouble with the new roommate, boss?"

"No," Cade muttered, taking the clipboard Jamie held out to him. "No trouble at all other than his parading around in nothing more than boxer shorts. I thought I already ordered the new Daube CD?"

Jamie shrugged. "They're going through it like wildfire."

"Hah!" Brett said triumphantly. "Told you they're good."

Brie sniffed. "I never said they weren't good. I merely said they weren't as brilliant as you think they are."

Cade rolled his eyes at them. "Aren't you two going out already?"

"Yes. So?"

"So…aren't you supposed to act all lovey-dovey and be done with this arguing-flirting shit?"

Jamie chuckled while they stared at him blankly. "This is Brett and Brie, boss."

"Right. Never mind. I think I'll just go to my office and do real work."

"Hey!" Brett yelled after him. "We do real work!"

Cade ignored him, shutting the door for some privacy. His office was small but, like the store front, lit by the sunlight. Cade preferred it to fluorescent lights.

He switched on the computer and, while it was starting up, read through the forms and messages left over from the day before. Once the computer was booted, he logged on and checked his email first, before running through the orders from the computers outside.

By the time the knock on the door came, he was stuck in and half lost to the world. He looked up, and cursed when his reading glasses immediately slid down his nose, distracting him and blurring his sight. "Sorry. What?"

It was Jamie and she – of course – looked highly amused. "Terry wants to see you."

Who – Terry. Oh. Terry. His roommate, Terry. His utterly hot, incredibly funny, absolutely untouchable, roommate Terry.

He groaned, thumped his head on the desk.

Then he whipped his head up, glared at Jamie. "Was that a chuckle? Did you just chuckle?"

"Yes," Jamie said, unrepentant. "Come on, he's waiting for you."

Cade groaned again. "Tell him I'm busy. Having an aneurism or something."

"I'm thinking that'd just have him rush right in, boss. Come on, ain't that bad. At least this time he's fully dressed."

"Remind me to fire you tomorrow."

"Sure boss."

Cade looked over his shoulder to glare – because Jamie's tone had been distinctly cheerful – and immediately walked into something. Someone. Terry. His luck never changed, did it?

He stepped back, rubbing his nose because, ow. He knew Terry worked out but, jeez, did he have to have muscles that felt like brick? "Hey Terry. What's up?"

Terry smiled down at him – and he had to be taller than Cade. "Hey Cade. It's Sunday."

"Oh. Okay." Had Terry come all the way just to tell him the day? He knew it perfectly well, thank you very much.

Terry rolled his eyes. "It's Sunday," he repeated. "One p.m. You said you'd have lunch with me and Kent, remember?"

He had? Christ, had he been drunk? He had to have been, to have agreed on a lunch date – no, no using the word date, appointment, appointment was far better – with his current crush and said crush's beau. God. Excuse…excuse... "Oh yeah, totally but there's –"

Terry frowned, looking disappointed. "You can't come? But I really want you to meet Kent."

"And I really want to" not "but –"

"Hey boss," Jamie said, coming out of his office, "the call 'bout the new orders just came in; they can get it here next week. Also, Henderson, Jacobs and Salmon – what sort of name is Salmon anyway? – have agreed to your bids of their records collections. You just write up the checks and you can get them by Tuesday, latest. So we're set and set. Can I take my lunch break now?"

"Set?" Terry repeated. "Does that mean he's got no work?"

Jamie smiled. "Pretty much. You can take a break, boss. You're no machine."

Terry brightened. "Great! Come on, Kent's already waiting for us at the restaurant."

While Terry grabbed his hand and starting pulling him across the floor, Cade turned his head to glare at Jamie. "You," he hissed, "are an infuriating old biddy."

Her smile was wide. "I'm younger than you."

"No lunch break for you!"

"Have fun boss!"

The shop's door closed before he had a chance to reply. Terry was watching him, obviously highly amused. "I think you need to stop watching Hallmark movies."

"What? Why?" He didn't want to! They were his secret not-so-secret dirty pleasure.

"Infuriating old biddy?"

Gah, why did he have to raise only one eyebrow? He knew it was something Cade couldn't do and it drove the shorter man crazy. Well on his way to pouting now, Cade crossed his arms. "It seemed appropriate."

Terry laughed. "Come on. The restaurant's not far."

Cade hesitated for a moment – torn between running back into the safety of the store and staying in the bittersweet company of a man he couldn't have and should in no way want.

The choice was taken from him as Terry started walking down the road and Cade spotted his two loyal employees in the shop window, holding up a hand made sign. It said; COWARD.

Oh. Oh. He was not a coward and he would frickin' well show them and when he got back from his lunch date – not lunch date, lunch appointment – he was so firing all of them.

With a huff, he started following Terry, quickly catching up with him. Terry smiled down at him. "Kent's getting impatient." Terry wiggled his phone at Cade. "Of course he was never very patient to being with."

Cade frowned slightly. "I still don't get why you want me to meet your boyfriend. It's not usual for roommates and –" He broke off when Terry stopped walking. "What?"

"Aren't we more than roommates? Don't you consider us friends?"

"What? Of course."

"I like all my new friends to meet my boyfriend and Kent likes to meet all my new friends. Now come on. If he calls me again, it won't be a kiss I'll be getting when we finally get there."

Though his belly clenched at the thought of Terry kissing someone else in front of him, Cade obeyed. The restaurant they stopped at was familiar, if classier than the ones Cade usually frequented. A long limbed man sitting at one of the tables raised his arm as soon as they entered.

Cade's heart gave one solid thump as Terry slid into the chair beside Kent and gave the other man a brief kiss that was way hotter than it should have been. "Hey babe," Kent murmured with a lazy smile, taking another soft kiss before looking up at Cade. "You have to be Cade."

"Who? Oh. Yeah. That's me." God, that kiss had seriously fried his brain.

"Sit," Terry demanded, pushing out the last chair with his foot. "Come on man."

Right. Sit. With two of the hottest men he'd seen in a while and pretend that the kiss they'd just shared hadn't totally turned him on. He could so do that.

He sat, heavily, and immediately grabbed the complimentary glass of water and drowned it. Shit, what he been thinking? There was no way he could do this.

Terry was eyeing him with concern as he set the glass down. "You okay man?"

"Yeah. Fine. Absolutely. Couldn't be better." Stop talking he ordered and, amazingly, his mouth listened to him. He let out a soft sigh of relief.

Kent was talking now; "I've already ordered, if that's okay?"

"Sure," Terry said amiably, looking at Cade. "Is that okay with you Cade?"

"Yes, it's okay," he replied as politely as possible. He was so firing Jamie for this…this…torture.

"I've been dying to meet you," Kent said. He looked over at Terry with a fond smile. "Terry's been going on about you. I'm a little jealous."

Terry just grinned. Cade, meanwhile, was struck dumb. Terry had been talking. About him? And Kent was jealous? That was so. Totally. Not true.

"Believe me," he replied, his voice a little flatter than usual. "There's nothing to be jealous about."

Kent blinked. Terry also looked a little surprised at his tone. "I think you misunderstand." Kent said slowly. "I'm not jealous of you. I'm jealous of Terry."


Kent shifted in his seat. Terry reached out and grabbed his boyfriend's hand, holding it tightly. "Look. Maybe we should start at the beginning. We were–"

"We want you," Terry blurted out.

Cade stared at them. Then continued staring. A near palpable tension settled over their table, broken momentarily when the waiter came with their drinks. It was his favourite, Cade noted distantly. How had Kent known?

Oh. Of course. Terry.

He picked up this drink and drowned it as well. It didn't help. His mind had stopped. He. Could. Not. Process.

"Cade?" It was Terry who spoke and he was reaching out, putting his hand on Cade's. Cade felt the touch like an electric shock.

"I'm sorry. I just." What was he trying to say? "Could you just repeat that? The last line. It's still not. I can't."

"We want you," Kent said gently. "We want to get to know you, to hang out with you, to get you to–"

"Fall in love." Terry interrupted him again. "With us."

"Us? Us being…both of you."

Kent grimaced. "I know. It's not conventional – not that we're conventional in the first place. But we do. Want you to love us, I mean."

"But." Still not processing. Cade gestured at them. "You guys. You're together."

"Yes," Kent nodded, his voice patient. "But we also want you." He reached out his hand as well, fingers just brushing against the back of Cade's hand. "For a long time, we've realised there was something missing from our relationship. That's why Terry moved in with you and not me – we were trying to figure out what was missing. Then, well, he met you and. It just clicked."

His head was spinning. He couldn't – he needed air. With a lurch, Cade stood up, nearly toppling his chair. "I'm sorry. I need." He hurried away from the table, out the café and he kept walking.

Oh God oh God oh God. This was. How could. This made. It wasn't. His head frickin' hurt.

With a groan, Cade stopped, closed his eyes. And became aware of feet beating the pavement behind him. He turned, remembering to open his eyes at the last minute, and was stunned to see Kent and Terry hurrying towards him. "What?"

"I saw you walking away," Terry explained.

"We're sorry," Kent added. "I know we must have disgusted you and–"

"Disgusted?" Cade stared at him. "I'm not disgusted."

He stopped talking, obviously puzzled. "But you just – you just walked away. Without a word."

"I said I needed air." Cade pointed out.

Terry arched a brow. "No you didn't. You said, and I quote, 'I need' and left."

Oh. Oh. Right. He was intelligent. Not. "Well. I'm not disgusted."

A look came over Kent. One Cade didn't recognise and one that made him slightly nervous. "So…if you're not disgusted, does that mean you're interested? Just the slightest bit?"

Cade didn't realise he was moving until he suddenly found himself against a warm, hard body. He blinked, looked up into Kent's bright blues. The other man smiled, bent his head and – oh. Oh.

His lips were firm and confident and turned him to a puddle of goo and how was that possible with just a frickin' kiss?

Then Kent was pulling back – and Cade was so not ready to let those lips go except he was being turned around and another set of lips with a different taste were being pressed to his and it was Terry and he was just as explosive and intoxicating as Kent and Cade needed to breath before he passed out. Now.

He pulled away with a gasp, panting wildly, and stared with wide eyes at Terry. He was pressed between him and Kent, he realised dimly and there was – clapping?



And whooping.

And very familiar voices.

He pulled away, stared at the shop he'd unconsciously stopped at. His shop. With his employees. Who were currently standing in front of the open door, whooping and clapping. Well, Jamie was clapping. Brett was whooping and holding a sign. A sign that read…


"Fired! The both of you! Fired!"

"Sure boss," they chorused with matching grins.

Warm arms wrapped around his waist from behind. "Don't be mad at them," Terry murmured in his ears and sent shivers down Cade's spine. "They just told us what to do what we've been wanting to do for a while now."

"But. I don't. You! You're in love with Kent!"

"Well, yeah. But I'm half in love with you too."

"How is that possible?"

"I don't know! It just is."

"But it isn't!"

Kent ran a hand down Cade's arm and, for some reason, it soothed him. "It is. I know it's strange and out there but he really is half in love with you." Kent's smile was soft and slightly sad. "And I think I could fall in love with you too. If given the chance."

"Please," Terry whispered. "Take the chance."

Cade just stared blankly. Then, slowly, his vision focused. On Brett. Holding a new sign. This one said; SAY YES!

Where did he find time to make those damn signs? Obviously, Cade wasn't giving the teen enough work. "Get back to work!"

Brett smirked. Jamie did too. Never a good thing. "I thought you said we were fired, boss."

Cade flushed. "Shut up! Get back to work! And I'm revoking your privileges!"

Jamie laughed as she gently shoved Brett back in the shop. "Sure boss." The door shut on Brett saying; "but we don't have privileges."


At Terry's voice, Cade turned to face him. He was holding hands with Kent, looking pale and scared and very, very worried. Actually, they both did. And, for some weird reason that could in no way name, it hurt him to see them that way.

"Okay. Okay. I'll…I'll take the damn chance."

Terry's grin was the only warning he got before he was being kissed again, hard and thoroughly and they were on the street in front of…in front of…in front…of…

Terry pulled away, allowed Cade a moment to think. But then Kent was kissing him and he couldn't think anymore.

He was panting and dizzy and weak and clutching to Kent's shirt when the other man pulled away. He turned his head, let it drop to rest on Kent's chest, dimly aware that Terry's hand was tucked into his back pocket and he really should tell the other man to take it out but for now he'd let it be. Anyway, it felt nice and – his eyes narrowed.

With a bellow, he lurched out of Kent's arms. Only the glass prevented him from getting to the sign holding employee – Jamie this time.

"Fired! So fired!"

Behind him, he heard Kent and Terry burst out laughing and he couldn't stop the smile. Jamie's smile was as big as her sign: FINALLY.

A/N: I love Cade. I really do. Unfortunately his story gave me a lot of headaches - why, why did Kent AND Terry insist on both having him? you enjoyed Cade. I know I did. Next: D is for Derrick.