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Kawaita Sakebi by FIELD OF VIEW

"Darenimo dasenai
Kotae ga boku no naka ni aru,"

(Inside my heart is the key
That no one else can have)

Inside everyone's heart is a key.

That key opens a door.

One key per door.

We all start at the same place.

All of the doors lead to the same place.

Some find their door right away, but don't find the key until later.

Some find their key first and spend days on end searching for the door it fits in.

Some never find either.

Rarely can someone find both quickly.

Rarely, but it happens.

Before the doors live demons.

Behind them, angels.

Some try to take the demons to the other side with them.

Some try to convince the angels to go through one of the doors to the first side.

Sometimes demons do get to the other side.

But never do angels do the reverse.

Once the demons get to the other side, they can go back to the other side much more easily than people can do the reverse.

But if they don't want to go back, that just makes the task so much more difficult.

You see, once anyone gets to teh other side, it is the easiest thing to go back.

For this reason, some people don't even try to get to the other side.

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--Maria Hernandez