A weirdass idea that I had after I dreamt of something similar to this. Strange what the human minds think up, isn't it? Now, there are some notes here... This story contains myself, my friends Tsukiyomaru, DtecnoKira, and Lonely Ghost666. There are also some other real-life characters in this, but I did ask for everyone's permission beforehand, so don't give me any shit about it.

Day 1

A young girl pressed herself closer against the broken wall of a ruined building. Bricks were scattered all around her from the crumbled foundations. Her green-brown eyes were wide and her skin was pale, clearly showing a small scar on the left side of her face. It was normally visible only in the sunlight, but the fact that it could be seen now was less disconcerting to the girl than her present situation. Her bangs were plastered to her face and she was stroking her long light brown hair with her hands. She wore a black zip-up hooded sweatshirt with another, invisible shirt underneath and jeans that were frayed at the end. Her face and attire were covered in grime and what seemed to be soot as well. Her black shoes were worn and ripped.

A raucous sound came from the direction she was hiding herself from. Car alarms randomly went berserk as the cars that were left in the streets reacted to imminent invaders. Though the girl knew that there were none. Not anymore, at least.

Her head pounded beat-for-beat with her heart as she wracked her brain for ideas of how to escape without being caught by them. She was the only Survivor for miles, and nothing else was within sight – neither safe haven nor any other Survivors.

Gulping for breath and trying to calm herself, the girl fidgeted. She was never good at sitting still for long and she cursed herself as her nature betrayed her. She clenched her fists around her hair, hoping that this wasn't the end and if there was a God then he would do something about this. She was never very good with religion, either.

She tried to calm herself. She imagined things she loved to do; draw and write and read and think and play video games and draw and write what she was thinking… to create and care and love and everything that made her human. It was the only thing she could do.

The girl smiled at the irony. In her school, she'd threaten and curse out anyone who'd made fun of her. Her threats were creative and sometimes unorthodox. She came off as a scary, crazy, off-her-nut type of person… and now that she's in a situation like this, she knew she couldn't even scream. Because screaming would alert them, and after that there was no amount of fighting or threatening or cursing you could do to stop it.

Swallowing, the girl heard their voices come closer. She pushed herself so hard against the wall, straining to be as invisible as she always was to others (the sudden attention wasn't welcome) while the broken brick wall pushed back – the basic laws of physics. Strange how, when humanity itself fails, the laws humanity created don't.

It was all a mess that no one was sure of. No human was sure when it started or how it started, but she didn't want it to end with her losing herself to those… things. Her body and consciousness were her own – no one else would take them. Not human, not alien, not whatever the fuck those things were.

The voices were ever-closer now, drowning out her thoughts in a sea of buzzing, like when the TV had bad reception. She could hear them – human voices, human movements…

"Did it go this way?" one wondered loudly.

"No, it went this way!" another protested.

Well, she thought in amusement, at least I've stumped the buggers.

Did she dare peek out? No, that wouldn't help a damn thing and deep in the recesses of her mind she knew it. Her stomach fluttered and clenched and bitter-tasting bile rose in her throat. She closed her eyes. If they were going to catch her, then they would, and she'd rather then get it over with than prolong the inevitable.

"Come out, come out, little human. If you surrender now, it won't be long until you're happy forever!" one called out in a sweet voice. A woman, maybe?

She knew what it was saying was bullshit. There was no infinite happiness. It didn't exist before these braggarts and it sure as hell wouldn't exist after them.

The footsteps came closer and closer until they started to fade. She opened one eye. They'd passed her without knowing! Swallowing in nervousness again, she peered out to find the tail end of the search party disappearing in the distance.

Taking initiative – or perhaps just being completely retarded – the girl slowly stood up. Her legs were trembling and she was breathing harder than before. She peeked around the corner in the direction the mob came from and traced a zigzag path through the abandoned cars and to a clear intersection where she'd be able to run towards wherever she felt was safer.

She took off without another thought, pumping her arms and legs and scattering bricks noisily. She regretted doing that, but she was far enough away to outrun the mob. At least, she hoped she was… She'd been wrong before.

And she was wrong now. The mob was changing direction, the back end moving faster to the alarm the clattering bricks had made. They roared after her, shouting promises and taunts and several other things that the girl pushed out of her mind. Nothing needed to linger but the command: RUN LIKE HELL.

Which she obeyed to the letter. She couldn't remember the last time she'd run so fast or that her body actually allowed her to run this fast. The mob kept up with her, always at the back of her mind, but she pushed ahead, veering around abandoned cars and setting off their alarms by accident.

She reached the intersection, which was marked by a large divider of curbed-off grass and a few scrubby trees. She leapt onto it and frantically looked in all directions. South of her wasn't an option. West was iffy, and north and east looked all right… East was more cluttered with cars than North. It would be easier to lose the mob in there, but harder to move herself. North was straightforward, but she had no idea where it lead. It could lead into oblivion for all she knew.

Oblivion is waaay better than my current situation, she thought, but I'd like to avoid it. Maybe it leads somewhere better?

She continued north. Her pause had allowed the mob to gain some ground, but she found that they quickly lost it as she sped onward. Bile rose again as she began to overwork herself and her breath came in ragged gasps. Her lungs weren't filling to their capacity and instead beginning to get emptier and emptier. Maybe she'd just run herself to death instead. What could they do with a dead human body? They needed her conscious.

She took a turn down a side street and hoped for the best. The buildings flashed by her in a blur of red-brown, brown, white, black, blue, and one that was colored green with flashing red strobe lights. An interesting place, but not one where she wanted to go.

The mob was slowing, but so was the fleeing girl. Their progress wasn't getting anywhere and she felt like she'd end up going in a complete circle.

A car honked in the distance in front of her, and she figured it was just an alarm. She was beginning to get delirious anyway.

The mob roared closer to her. Another honking sound. The girl swayed on her feet and she began to veer in different directions. She finally rammed her shin against the bumper of another car and she stumbled, the impact with the gravely ground jarring her. She staggered up and leaned against the car, her knees throbbing and her shin aching.

The roar of the mob was clearer now. So was that damn honking car. What the hell was up with that, anyway? Who in their right minds were driving at this time, in this situation? Were they trying to run her down?

She knew in her mind that she couldn't give up now. If she did, getting away from those bastards the first few times wouldn't have made a difference. She limp-jogged away, realizing with a sinking feeling that she was only getting closer to that damnable honking car.

Her skin prickled as the mob was close enough to grab her now, as she passed another empty side street. The honking was so loud now that it drowned out any other sounds. It made the girl's ears buzz and her mind whirr. She felt her brain throbbing.

Another sound accompanied the repetitious honking. Skidding. Car wheel's skidding and shocked gasps and yells. Burnt rubber wafted up her nose. Wind rushed behind the girl, throwing her hair up in her face, and she turned briefly to see what it was.

From the side street, some madman had driven out in-between the mob and the girl. She stopped momentarily, her body thanking her graciously. There was a guy in the driver's seat, not much older than she was, his face strained as he looked at her. He, like her, had light brown hair; though his hair was thrown mostly onto one side of his face, covering one of his green eyes. He wore a simple shirt with a strange symbol on it and she couldn't see his pants. Exhaustion was making her see double, anyway.

The guy rolled down the window of his car and yelled, "Get the hell in here!"

Her mind barely registered this. She stared at him for a moment. How did she know he wasn't one of them; the protesting mob who was warring against humanity? Was this some sick trick of her mind?

The guy narrowed his eyes and yelled, his voice cracking, "Are you retarded or something? GET IN!!"

I am not retarded. She retorted frankly in her mind. I happen to read and comprehend better than a college student. She couldn't voice her opinions however, mostly because of her parched tongue and throat.

The guy continued to stare at her. Her legs trembled. If he was one of them, then why did he seem more human that anyone else chasing her? It was a chance, but eventually she moved her numb body enough to feel the car's silver door handles.

Her hand shook as she pulled on the handle and the door opened. She numbly got inside the car, tripping over a shoelace as she did so, and she tumbled into the backseat. She moved herself enough to get in a position to shut the door with a surprising amount of strength and then she flopped down, staring blankly at the upholstery of the passenger's seat, studying the lines of fabric.

The guy rolled his window back up and slammed on the gas pedal with a lead foot. The car jerked and squealed as he turned sharply, leaving the mob behind in his exhaust fumes.

It was silent for most of the time. The girl was flickering in and out of reality and consciousness. She wasn't in any condition or mood to speak.

"You're lucky, you know that?" the guy said with a rather condescending tone. "You're lucky I heard the mob in time."

I'm just lucky you had a car. She thought disdainfully.

"Can you speak?" the guy asked with a serious tone. He looked at her from the rear-view mirror. She stared at his face, but didn't say anything. She merely nodded her head. Even that was too much effort now.

"Are you injured?" he asked.

She shook her head. Physically she was fine except for a few bruises and hunger. Mentally? Well, she'd probably be in therapy for years.

"Good." The guy muttered. He pushed harder on the gas pedal. She saw him flick on the car's CD player, and music suddenly filled her life now. She paid so much attention to the words and the melody that she closed her eyes to imagine it as bright rainbow colors.

She suddenly and abruptly fell asleep to the sound of 'UVERWorld'.

The same guy who was in the car earlier flicked soap suds off of his hands, smirking as they attached themselves to the window and slid down mournfully. It was a childish thing to do, but it seemed like being a child was the only thing that could be done for comfort. After that, he returned his hands to the pool of water in the sink and pulled out a plate. He meticulously washed it with a piece of worn steel wool. When he was done, he set the plate aside.

"Tsuki-ouji? Is it really your turn to do the dishes?"

"Yep." The guy replied. He pulled a dirty frying pan from nearby and began scrubbing in within the confines of the soapy water.

The newcomer, also a guy, came up beside him and stared at the tower of dishes. He whistled. "Whoo. That's a lotta dishes, Tsuki-ouji."

The dishwasher rolled his eyes and asked, his voice flat, "What do you want, Kira?"

Kira whirled around, his shaggy brown hair scattering haphazardly around his face. "I heard you ran into trouble!"

"It was nothing." The guy replied, pulling out the dish to examine it with a trained eye. He found it needed more scrubbing and replaced it in the water, scrubbing harder this time. "Just a mob."

"I heard it was more than a mob..." Kira said with a catlike grin. When the other guy didn't reply, Kira put on a more serious tone and said, "How is she? I mean, is she alright?"

"She didn't say anything to me and she fell asleep before I could hear her autobiography, so..." he trailed off. "I dropped her off at Aquamarine's, just in case."

Kira nodded with a grunt and then absently picked up a dish and picked at it thoughtfully, scraping at a piece of stubborn grime with his nail. "Do you think she had a family?"

"We all had families, Kira." The guy replied. "They're probably gone now. Depressing as it is, hiding it from her when she probably already knows it is stupid and immature."

"Why do you have to be such a hardass when all of this is happening?" Kira asked aloud. He cut himself off with a sigh and said, "Nevermind. I shouldn't bother the great Tsukiyomaru while he's on dish duty because he failed on his mission earlier."

Tsukiyomaru shuddered. "I've never seen that guy so angry at me yet..."

Kira suddenly looked sullen and worried. "I hope Aquamarine doesn't scare her or anything. That poor Survivor probably would rather wake up to a familiar face, right?"

Tsukiyomaru looked his friend over carefully, making sure to draw his attention to the fact that he had a frying pan in his hand. "Are you suggesting something, Kira? Or are you just running your mouth again?"

The other guy flinched and stammered, "N-Nevermind..."

"Good, now let me get back to my job, before I get yelled at again." Tsukiyomaru snapped. Kira sighed, shrugged, and waltzed out, whistling a familiar tune.

Tsukiyomaru continued to scrub the dishes until he was done and dead tired. His arms ached and he still felt the adrenaline rush from earlier, speeding to save that quiet girl.

I have more important duties than being concerned over some newbie Survivor. He thought critically, Aquamarine or Kiwi will take care of her, and then she won't be my problem anymore. He sighed again. Now to go and see if Fenrir needs to be relieved again...

Wiping his hands, he affixed everything for tomorrow in the quiet kitchen and walked out the same way he'd come in and the same way Kira had left, leaving the old-fashioned door to swing nonchalantly behind him.