Lost My Protector

Lost is my protector
The master of my safekeeping.
Where is my protector
And why have you left me all alone?
Why, oh why,
My protector
Have you turned your back
On me?

I always knew that I could
Attach myself upon your hand
If ever I found myself beset
By the demons of my
Setting me alight with terror
Until you bravely fought them all away.

And then you'd take my face in
Your gentle but never trembling hands
Your eyes would smile into mine
As I blinked away my frightened tears
And you'd surround me in your
Warmth and comfort
Holding me tight and assuring me
That all would be okay.

Oh, my protector,
How I believed you
When you said
Forever would be eternal
And that you would never
Leave my side.

And yet one day I find myself
Again in danger of the monsters
But when I call out your name,
Dear protector,
You are nowhere to be found.

I think back to a few days before,
When words could be thrown
Like knives
And blood was drawn
From those verbal blades.
I think back to the moment
You turned your back on me.
You had said that you needed
Time to reflect
But you never returned.

Oh, my protector!
I can't possibly let you go…

I need your love and protection
I need to know you care
I need to know that you are with me
Even if it's only for a lifetime
And not for the forever
I was promised.
Having you for this life would
Be an honor I
Never betrayed again.

I apologize for the
Error of my ways,
But I know that I can
Never bring you back.
And now I'm having to
Learn how to
Go through life without
My protector,
A frightening concept
I never thought I'd ever
Have to experience firsthand.

I took you for granted,
My loving protector,
And now you are lost.