Glitter Gold

Chapter One: Neo-Tokyo 2097, Spring

Neo-Tokyo is a man's world. Women are just companions to them. They could be anything, wife, mistress, consoler, doctor, mother, anything the man wanted. But they didn't have many rights. No, to the modern eyes, humans have regressed. But thanks to a couple, this error was rightfully corrected.

A young mouse boy was wandering this semi-dirty city. He was new here and unfamiliar to the feminine-repressing ways. So he didn't think that anything was wrong with the fact he didn't have a female companion with him. Well that was short-lived!

"You there!" a voice shouted at him. The boy froze dead still in his tracks as he looked up. Two police officers were walking closer to him. The poor mouse suddenly became nervous.

"What is it officers?" he asked. The policemen made it over to him.

"I don't think we've seen you around here before!" one of them barked. The mouse looked at them confused.

"I'm new here," he said. "Is that a problem?" That was the first mistake there. The cops grinned to themselves like he was a juicy piece of meat. The mouse became really nervous.

"Is there... a problem?" he asked. The cops grinned on at him.

"Do you have a registry pass to be in this city?" the second one asked. The mouse boy looked at him confused once again.

"No..." he answered uneasily. "Why? Do I need one?" That was mistake number two. Though he didn't know it at the time, the mouse just digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole. The cops turned to each other smiling.

"Let's frisk him!" the first one said.

"Yeah!" the other one agreed. The mouse really began to freak out now.

"No, no!" he protested. "This really isn't necessary! I don't have any drugs or weapons on me, I swear!" The cops didn't listen. They frisked him anyway. What could the mouse do? He couldn't fight them off, otherwise they would arrest him for assaulting a police officer. So, he had no choice but to take it. The mouse had never felt so violated in his life. Once they were finished, the cops backed away from him. They turned to each other smiling.

"He's clean," the first one announced.

"Yeah," the other one agreed. The mouse watched on at them. He hoped that would be the end of that, but yet he knew otherwise. The cops turned back to him grinning.

"What is your name, son?" the first one asked. The mouse trembled at first.

"N-Naoko," he answered hesitantly. The cops smiled on.

"Where's your doll?" the second one asked. Naoko blinked at him confused.

"Doll?" he asked. "What is that?" Three strikes, now he was seriously out! The cops really had him now!

"A doll is a female companion, son!" the first cop explained. "It's the law of this land to have a doll with you at all times. This is a bad day for you, son! No registry pass and no doll. Looks like we'll have to arrest you!" The vagabond mouse stared on completely confused.

"What? Why?" he asked. The cops didn't pay him any mind.

"Put to your hands behind your back," the second one said. "We're going to take you down to station. You have the right to remind silent, anything you say can be used against in a court of law." Naoko sighed as he didn't try to resist. Why bother? That would just make his situation even worse. Besides, what could he do? The police had the upper hand here. All the vagabond mouse could do was just go along with the men with the badge and try to find a way to get out of this mess later. And here began the long tale to revolution and love.