Life is unfair and cruel.

A home, a place, a moment of time.

No where to hide, to run, to flee.

She's coming.

Pain, anger, fear, hate…

Thoughts running through the mind, conflicting in nature, true of the moment.

How could you? I hate you. I want you to die.

I forgive you. I love you. I want you to live.

A storm, calm, peace, sudden winds, thunder.


A smile, gentle words of regret.

I forgive you.

Screams, fits of rage, laughter. "You believed me?" Pain.

No place to go, to flee, to hide.

A bedroom, a room, a place.

Closed doors, separate from the world, separate from time. A safe place.

Nothing special, nothing protective, just a door without a lock, a door none the less.

The door is shut.

Eyes closed. If no sounds are heard, if no things are felt, everything ceases to exist.

Everything is calm.

A mirror, a girl, a true understanding.

"I'm fine," weak words toward a twin.

"You're a liar," she says.

She knows me, she is me, the one others don't see.

And she's right.

And I know it.

For that's all I am.

A lie.

Do I exist?

Am I real?

Does anything exist? Is anything real?

You can't tell. Even if you could, it could all be in your head, a grand illusion; the ultimate con.

So why does anything matter?

The world is inside out, the people backwards, the sky red, the ocean green.

Yet all I can see is gray.

Is there something wrong with me?

Does it even matter?

My own world, a world, my own.

A claustrophobic living in the walls.

A coward, running, trying to hide.

Nothing hurts here, nothing is wrong.

Everything is fine.

A room, a place, a moment free.

Free from conflict, anger, confusion.

For a moment… mine?