This is a personal experience story. This actually happened at least from what I can remember. It didn't happen that long ago actually, but its still type of experience that you don't remember word for word.

The Story of a Spanking

I walked down the sidewalk of my neighborhood, on my way home from school. I was walking with my best friend Hanna. We were complaining about all the math problems our teacher gave us for homework, "35 division problems, it's like there trying to make us miserable," Hanna complained while pulling her backpack up higher onto her shoulders.

I was attempting try and defend our teacher I hated math also, "Well it is a weekend, we have more time to do it over a weekend," I reasoned.

"But with all the other homework she gave us on top of that, it will take forever to do, how does she expect us to have any fun," Hanna continued to vent.

I just shrugged as we approached my house, "All right bye," I waved at her while starting up to my porch, she had a few more blocks to walk before she got to her own house.

"Bye," she waved at me also, "Come to my house tomorrow, and we can play."

"If we're not doing homework all weekend," I joked sticking my tongue out at her.

Hanna laughed briefly and continued down the sidewalk. I opened the front door to my house and walked in "Anyu, én vagyok!" I called to my mom telling her that I was home from school.

Hungarian was the language spoken in my house. Both my parents spoke very broken English, in fact I'm the only one in the house that spoke English fluently. My family traveled to the united states when I was two years old, leaving behind most of there other children and relatives. In fact only me and my older brother came with them mostly because we were still too young for them to leave behind. I grew up in mixed cultures, and would confuse the languages of English and Hungarian together. My mom told me that until I turned nine I would speak Hungarian and randomly switch to English without realizing it. Now I ten years old I can tell the different between the two languages, but still slowly losing the Hungarian speech and can't speak it fluently.

My mother came into view from the kitchen, she smiled warmly at me, "Faith milyen volt az iskolai?" she asked how my day at school was.

I frowned at her, then complained about all the math problems our teacher gave us, "A tanárom adott nekünk túl sok a matematikai problémák," after saying that I set my backpack down onto the couch in the front room.

My mom laughed at me, "Amit része a tanulási méz," she gave me the old that's part of learning, speech.

I just pouted at her, then walked out into the backyard. Misty our golden retriever approached me happily, barking and tackled me with a jump. I giggled with joy, and ran over to get his ball, Misty waited all tense for me to throw it. I couldn't through a ball that hard so it didn't go that far, but Misty still ran as fast as he could after it and brought it back for another go. It tossed the ball at him for about fifteen minutes, then my mom came out, "Faith én is menni Wal-Mart," she told me that she had to take a trip to Wal-Mart.

I had just gotten home from school and didn't want to go out to run some errands, I would rather just stay back and play with the dog, then go work on my weekend homework, "Aww, mama nem akarok menni," I wined telling her that I didn't want to go.

"Azt kell kap fűszeráru vacsorázni," she replied telling me that she had to get stuff for dinner.

"Nem tudok otthon maradni?" I asked if I could stay home while she went.

"SZÁMA!" she firmly stated no, "A rendőrség fog jönni, és a bilincseket," she reminded me that the police will come and arrest me for being alone with no adult around. Ever since we came to the united states, my mom made sure I would never be left alone, because of this.

"Büntetés," I finally agreed begrudgingly and stomped over to backyard door.

I pouted and grumbled to myself all the way to the store, and continued to act very bratty all through the store. I asked my mom to by me a snack several times but it always the same answer, no. Finally towards the end of the trip, mom was getting very frustrated with me. We were standing in the check out line, and I was browsing through the candy, "Anya, kaphatok egy darab édességet?" I asked her one more time to let me get candy.

"SZÁMA!" she shouted, reaching her last straw.

I myself had reached my last straw also, she dragged me off to the store, when I didn't want to go and didn't even buy me anything. I can't remember exactly what I said to her, or more liked yelled, I was in a blind rage. Whatever it was I said, my mom didn't like it, "Amit akkor, amikor hazaérünk a szerzés egy verés!" she told me that she was going to give me a spanking when we got home.

The immediate dread of what was soon to come, and the regret that I should have stopped while I could came crashing down all at once. I burst into tears, "Nem mami kérjük Sajnálom, én nem akartam," I cried telling her that I was sorry and that I didn't mean it.

Mom ignored me, and the guy checking us out looked at us confused, most likely because he didn't understand Hungarian and wondered why I suddenly started crying for no reason. My mom finished paying then grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the store. I cried and balled the entire way home, mom didn't utter a word to me once.

When we got home mom kept a firm hold on my arm while dragging me into the house. She went into the kitchen and rummaged through the drawers until she found a wooden spoon. The sight of that spoon caused me to wail loudly, then started to weakly struggle. "No nem a mama, kérjük, kérem!" I begged for her not to use it.

But my mom held her ground, she pulled me into our family room then sat on the couch. I've never been spanked in the traditional 'over the lap' position. Mom always spanked me and my other siblings in an altered version of that position. I would go in-between her legs and she'd pull me over her left thigh, and most of my body weight would be supported by whatever she was sitting on. Once I was in this same position, she lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down. I cried horrible, while begging her not to do it, "Kérjük, mami leszek jó, kérem, ne!"

She then proceeded to slap my bare bottom with her firm hand, I was crying so much that I barely registered the spanks at first. But after a while of non stop spanks to my exposed backside, it started to burn. While she spanked me with her hand all I did was cry out openly, but when she picked up the wooden spoon and started spanking me with that I squealed out with each spank. I don't know how long exactly the spanking lasted, for me it seemed hours but I know it most likely wasn't any longer than five minutes.

Mom put the spoon down and pulled me into a hug, where I cried into her chest. I showed no signs of letting up anytime soon, so after some amount of minutes she carried me back to my room and placed me on the bed then left the room, while I cried into my pillow. I cried non stop for I don't know how long, when mom came back into my room carrying refrigerated oil.

This is always the routine in my house after mom spanks me. She hold me after the spanking for a few minutes then take me to my room. I'm always very upset after a spanking and cry of a very long time. My daddy once told me that I cried for almost two hours. Mom lets me cry in my room for an amount of time then does this. She walked over to me still crying on the bed and set the oil on my table next to my bed, and pulled me into another embrace. She always puts some sort of flower scented stuff on her when she does this part, because like all the other times I smelled the scent of flowers on her bust. I guess that she does this because it helps me calm down faster, since when she does this I usually only cry for less then a hour.

I cried softly into her chest, and she pored a large amount of the cool oil into her hand then rubbed it over my well spanked backside. The chilly feeling of the refrigerated oil helps relax, and feels very good. I respect my mom for having the patients of Job, as during this part she holds me for as long as I need. Yes I mean that she indeed held me for almost two hours while I cried into her torso. Once I finally stop crying, she looked into my eyes, "Hitet, azt megbüntetni, mert Ön kiabált rám a boltban, most azt akarom mondani, sajnálom," she told me why she spanked me and then told me to say sorry.

"Elnézést," I indeed apologized then she put me back on my feet told me to go take a bath so that I could wash the oil off my hinny, then it was all forgotten and we got back with our lives.

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