Cupid Makes Us Stupid

You labelled me as having a head that's getting bigger yet my brain remains the same size
And I sneered back in conclusion that you've metaphorically described your own attitude
Before exiting the room, knowing you'll soon express the same incongruous cliché that a clock
With no power source is only correct twice a day and you need my electric love to function again

And to be completely honest, I'm struggling with our tortuous relationship because each morning I'm forced
To gently place my vulnerability on the footpath for strangers to stomp all over and then when afternoon arrives
With my arms nurturing the damage, you never hesitate to help adhere the fragments together, but then
We end up nullifying our efforts through the night until you ornament me to appear impeccable for the new day

And I should just explicitly state that we shouldn't allow cupid to make us stupid anymore with hope
I won't have to state a final goodbye before dragging your carcass out of my life, but this resolution is
Only a prototype within my soul that is unable to be replicated at this time because of my nebbish personality,
Therefore, I hold in the ice-cold raindrops, keep mind soap nearby and pray the future will bring me essential confidence.