Five Friends. Five Secrets. Each one is spinning the web. Things are about to get complicated at Crest Manor.

Crest Manor


The five friends were all glaring at each other. The hurt in their eyes was unmistakable. They all betrayed each other. It wasn't a stab in the back. It was a stab in the front. They all lied. They didn't trust each other enough to just tell each other the truth.

"What now?" He was the first to break the silence. They all knew he would. He was the leader that they silently voted for. They all looked at him. Nobody replied. What could have been said; I'm sorry for lying? I'm sorry for not trusting you enough?

"Nothing now." She sighed. She shrugged almost as if she finally didn't care. The other four looked at her. They almost looked relieved that someone had spoken the words they wanted to say, but mostly they looked hurt. "You both used each other and the rest of us lied about who we were. We've known each other since we were eleven, some of us for longer. We should have trusted each other. Somewhere along the line we stopped relying on each other and just…forgot what it was like to let someone help. Is there anyway forward from that?"

"What about her?" another male voice spoke up. "She knew all this time and she didn't mention a thing!" Said girl glared at the guy but didn't say anything. She doubted anything she said would have made a difference.

They all looked at each other. The three girls glared at the guys and then at each other. They looked at the faces of people they thought they knew. They looked into each others eyes and wondered the same question.

Was there anyway forward?

New author. New Story. The next chapter will be starting from the beginning. The prologue, weirdly enough, is all about the ending. Hope you like this. (: