this is a poem my friend made and she told me that if I put it up here then I probibly wouldnt get too many good reviews about it, though I argued that that I probibly would ... So now its all up to you people to decide weather this is a good poem or not.

Also right after the poem there is a short story I made myself to go with it so enjoy!.

I am the shape shifter, The one true center peace.

I am the one who holds my branches.

Listen to these words... "please"

You my child, my lover are my branches.

But it is your choice to be my branches... or to become my leaves.

Be my branches and I will hold you high with pride.

But be my leaves and I will have no other choice but to sadly let go when time calls to drift...

So please be my branches and not my leaves, because we are stronger when we hold on.

In a small town somewhere, there lives a girl, this girl has special powers, ones of which only her true friends understand.

She has many names, none of which will be mentioned, but this is a short story of her and how she looks after the ones she holds close.

Many people know her, she is rather popular around school. Though if you look closely, you can see the pain of which she feels.

She tries to help ll of he friends as well as she can but a lot of them do not appreciate it.

Finally she had enough, she was going to end it all in a split second.

It only took one friend to come and stop her for her to listen.

Having the soft heart that she does she couldn't resist the pleading of her friend.

After words she was happy that everything didnt end right there.

She loves her friends, and didn't want to leave them.

This girl callshrsel the shape shifter.

If you love her as much as she loves you, you will be along he side forever, she calls these people her branches.

If you stay with her only because of personal needs and dont ay attention to your frindship, you will slowly drift apart and go your separate was when the time comes, these people are her leaves.