We're a complicated couple.

It wasn't a love at first sight kind of thing, but more a inside joke, arguing non-stop, making me laugh when I was crying, holding me when no-one else was there, being my best friend, kind of love.

I remember how he taught me how to ice skate, never missing a chance to laugh at my clumsiness.

I remember hanging out with him at his family's house, feeling right at home amongst them.

I remember our MSN conversations that carried on for hours, never boring us.

I remember our late night phone calls. I remember how he'd show up before an exam, just to wish me luck, how he'd spend hours helping me with my work, never giving up on me.

I remember our birthdays, anniversaries, valentine days, songs and games.

I remember our arguments and fights that didn't last longer than an hour.

I remember the nights I spent crying when I first moved to university because I missed him so much.

I remember how he'd drive all through the night to surprise me by turning up on my door step in the morning.

Even when I was angry at him, simply looking at him made me smile uncontrollably. The way he walked so confidently, the way he spoke, always saying the right things at exactly the right times, never faltering. Everything about him made me fall even harder for him. I love how he'd smile at me across the room, catching my eye and winking, just to let me know that I was on his mind. I noticed how his eyes would crease when he'd laugh or how his whole body shock when he'd cry in my arms.

He was undeniable.