Our Baby


In memory of our cat, Baby.

(Died on January 10, 2010)

A cute little calico, very furry and fluffy.

She was our beautiful cat.

She was our Baby, she was our Boo-boo.

She was our angel; but that's enough of that.

We found Baby in the basement, years when we moved in.

We tended to her and her every need.

She was neglected, but we were respected

And every day we feed.

Baby loves to play, she even loves to sleep.

She loves us and our friends.

She may be old and very caring.

We loved her to the end.

She's our Baby. She's our kitty.

She's our goodwill calico.

Her meows will always be around

When we stay or go.

Our Baby is wonderful and pretty

Our Baby is that good.

We love her as a family

In every rising day that we could.

We hope someday in all our hearts

That maybe someday… maybe

We can have a cat of our own

And say it to her, "She's our Baby"!