Chapter 1: Bat

Late that night I entered the bathroom closing the door behind me looking into the mirror a man hanging in a noose behind me his skin a sickening gray decomposing. I quickly splashed some water in my face which had now become a daily routine but the body still hung there opening its eyes looking down at me.

I suddenly I didn't feel like taking a shower anymore so I left the bathroom with a sigh not looking back once at the body heading back to my room starting to hear a slight tapping noise on my window the moment I entered. I went over and opened the window something grazing my cheek that exact moment making me stumble back.

Was that a stone? A bullet? I thought to myself sticking my head out the window but no one was there so I pulled my head back taking a quick look around my small bedroom for some evidence of what hit me. It didn't take me long to notice a huge bat sitting on my dresser which started to squeak excitedly sounding like a series of meeps while I just stared blankly at the bat which soon stopped squeaking leaving a few moments of silence between us before I spoke. "I thought bats hung upside down?"

At this the bat's wing noticeably dropped a bit and squeaked seeming like it was trying to cross its wings but couldn't making me laugh closing my window.

"Now you're my prisoner," I said jokingly but I guess the bat got mad cause he flew off hitting the window before landing with a huge thump by my foot. "Stupid bat," I said poking its belly noticing a red mark on its wing.

"Oh hey you're the bat from my old town," I said the bat trying to get to its feet reminding me of a turtle on its back. "I guess a cross country move doesn't stop you," I said helping it up the bat seeming to try biting my wavy platinum blond hair.

"Oh you noticed my hair got longer see now its past my waist and I think the sun bleached it, it seems lighter don't ya think," I said smiling my voice coming out with a mix of the Asian accent I picked up from my mom and the Texan accent I gained from growing up in Texas starting to feel slightly like a fool for talking to bat but he actually seemed to understand me. But then the bat squeaked making me look at him again on my window sill tapping my window impatiently.

"Oh you gotta go ok guess I better go to sleep still job hunting but it was nice to see ya again who knew I could miss a bat," I said rolling my eyes opening the window the bat quickly escaping before I headed towards my door stopping to see the same body from the bathroom standing there his head hanging to one side.

"Go away," I said and turned the lights off.