I'll be brief

seeing as much longer would result in a startling display of my inadequacies.

Here's the truth,

a loaded word to be sure,

but honesty was always a policy I wanted to try.

So, here goes,

I left this morning in search of your smile

(An imperfect mouth,

but I always preferred a bit of character)

yet instead I received vacant replies and restless eyes.

Why so upset, my angel?

It was here I realized I had been mistaken

For then she appeared in a fog of glitter.

Oh, yes, yes

beauty is a nice thing to possess.

I, myself have never been fortunate enough to call it my own.

I just suppose in my naiveté I believed you'd be open to new experiences.

Again, I was mistaken.

Surely, though,

I mean....you can't possibly believe...

Well, here's the truth

She'll never love you that way I could've.