Rated M for sexual content.

Yaoi, M/M... Don't like, don't read. But I would recommend trying it ;D

{{Side note: This story is connected to a previous one (Don't Tempt Me, Genie) but you DON'T HAVE TO HAVE READ IT TO GET THIS ONE.}}

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Incubus in My Bed

Akio stumbled out of his chair. It tipped backwards and clattered to the floor where Akio nearly tripped on it.

He stood frozen. The hairs on his skin tickled from the sweat that was attempting to cool his feverish, panicked flesh. His breath was slow and shallow, and his heart hammered at his ribs as though they were the bars of a cage.

It had grown on his floor; a golden, glowing circle had formed on the side of his desk and had expanded till it reached a four-foot diameter. The ring was on fire; tinny golden flames reaching only an inch from the ground, yet it didn't singe the gray carpet that waited silently to burn.


He could stop it with water, but he was frozen.


He couldn't move.

The air was stale in his nose.

A small breeze came into his room and slowly grew stronger, causing the cup of pencils on his desk to rattle then fall over. It was as if the winds escaped from the circle to announce the arrival of… something. Akio didn't have to wait long till the 'something' began to emerge from inside the circle. It started as a small black mound, and as the circle had done, it grew. Akio nearly choked and fell backward when he realized the 'something' grew into a head… then shoulders… torso and arms… waist… legs.

Standing before Akio was a man. His black hair would have reached the small of his back if it weren't twisting elegantly from the wind. The face seemed to have been chiseled from stone, like a Greek statue of a hero. But unlike any statue, his face was alive, a small smirk tickled his lips and his dark brown eyes reflected the small flames, causing them to sparkle. His shoulders were broad and topped a well-muscled, tan body. Like a Greek statue, his body was very, very naked.

The man moved toward Akio who was unable to do anything but stand petrified. When every part of the man was outside of the circle, the wind died back down – though Akio didn't notice. The man may look like a glorified statue, but Akio was one in spirit; is arms were frozen to his sides, and his feet were heavy, planted into the floor, as if it would take five men to move him. A sudden calm washed through his head and Akio couldn't help but compare himself to the living statue; Akio had delicate features and sandy blond hair in need of trimming, he was slender – thought not out of shape, he wasn't that much in-shape either.

Something caught the man's eye before he reached Akio. He glanced over to the desk, than changed his course – Akio was struck with another wave of amazement, the man was a giant, he reached at least 6'5'', maybe more…

Akio was only 6'.

The giant used his large hands to pick up two pieces of crimson stone that had been resting on the wood serface. The small figure rested inside the man's hand. It was an animal curled around itself. Its tale was long and it's eyes made from smaller, black stones. At first, Akio thought it was a wolf, but the more he looked at it the more it began to resemble a ferrate… or a dragon…

The figure didn't make sense to him – it hadn't made sense to him all day. Akio had noticed it's curious shape and had felt the urge to touch its smooth surface. He'd seen it at his classmate's yard sale earlier that day. Once he'd held it, he hadn't wanted to let go. It was like he'd been drawn to it.

On his way home, a biker had collided with his arm, causing him to drop the figure. A paw had broken off. Feeling some sort of anguish, Akio had brought the broken piece pack to his apartment.

He'd intended to fix it – but before he could do so, he'd cut his finger on the broken edge… and 'he' appeared.

The man held the small paw in his other hand. Akio watched, unable to turn his eyes from the large hands. The hands closed around the two pieces for a second before he pulled one of his hands away to reveal the crimson stone. At first, Akio thought the smaller piece had disappeared or fallen to the floor without his notice, but then he realize it was part of the figure once again. The paw was stuck in the right place – fused back together -- like it had never been broken.

Was it magic?

Am I crazy?

Then the figure was set back down on the desk of Akio's bedroom, and the man turned to face him once again. The thin smirk of the dark lips spread into a grin as he took his steps.

The calm in his head ebbed when he realized the man was coming toward him once again.

Then the man spoke. For a moment Akio thought his heart had stopped; something in his chest melted at the sound of the deep, smooth, rhythmic voice. "I've never been summoned by a boy before."

Boy… Summoned?

Akio didn't react when the man stopped in front of him and placed a large, gentle, warm hand on the curve of his neck. His skin tickled, and if Akio could have, he would have kept the hand there forever.

Slowly, the handsome face grew closer… and soon…

Akio curved his lower back suddenly to bend himself away from the strange man who had appeared in his room. Akio stumbled back a few paces, which caused the man to release his shoulder. Though the dark brown eyes held confusion, they didn't loose any of their charm. Akio had to look away from them in order to speak. "What… what do you mean summoned? Who are you and why – how did you get into my room?"

The man let out a sweet sigh that pulled at Akio's chest. Then he took a step closer. Akio would have complimented the step by moving farther away, but his legs were pressed to the foot of his bed.

The voice came again. "You summoned me here." The man reached out and gently snaked his fingers around Akio's wrist. Not wanting to – unable to pull away, Akio let his hand be pulled to the man's lips. Lips kissed the small cut that had been caused by the crimson stone; it had left a small stream of blood. Akio gasped when his finger was taken inside the strange man's mouth. Hot and wet, the tongue caressed and he mouth sucked lightly.

Akio pulled his hand away. "I – I did – did not summon you!"

"You summoned me with your blood."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

The man took another step closer and Akio bent his back further to keep himself away from him.

"You're blood is yearning." He spoke in a whisper and leaned his body closer.

In response, Akio tilted his body too far; he fell onto the bed.

Akio craned his head to look at the man, but the stranger's head wasn't where it had been. Had he disappeared?

Akio crooked his neck even further. No, the man was still at the foot of his bed, but instead of seeing a face and broad, muscular chest, Akio saw the top of the man's head. Before he could make sense of the peculiar position, Akio heard the sound of his belt clicking.

He gasped and tried to pull himself farther up the bed, away from the man, but it only helped to slide his pants further down his legs. In horror, Akio realized he was fully exposed with the man bending over him, hands holding Akio's hips still.

"What the hell --?"

Akio's voice was cut off with a cry he'd never let past his lips before – a cry mixed with surprise and (he hated to admit to himself later) pleasure.

The strange man who had levitated from his floor was now bending over Akio's crotch, sucking him off. The hot mouth teased Akio's flesh till it twitched and grew with pleasure. The man took Akio into his hot mouth and ran his tongue along it, sucking lightly. Having never felt such a sensation, Akio had no resistance and couldn't restrain the moans escaping his lips. He panted and arched his back, pressing himself further into the heat. For support, he clutched his comforter, fingers nearly cramping from the effort. Large hands ran along his legs, proceeding to remove his pants and send shivers through his skin.

All of a sudden, Akio's body seemed to convulse, and he released himself into the man's mouth.

Akio lay limp and motionless -- still trying to understand the situation – until the mattress shifted under a second weight. The man was crawling onto the bed beside him. The strange man licked his lips while looking down at Akio. "Delicious."

Akio pushed himself into a sitting position and shot his hands in front of him, palms inches from the tanned chest.

"Get out!"

The man cocked his head at him as if not understanding the demand.

"Get out!" Akio demanded again, embarrassed and shaken. "Why aren't you leaving?"

The man pulled back slightly and raised his eyebrow. "No one has rejected me before. Did it not feel good?"

Flustered, Akio made to get off the bed, but the underwear that was still wrapped around his ankles hindered his movements causing him to tumble off the side of his bed. Anger and frustration nearly choked his voice. "Shit – I don't care – just get out of my room."

Without another word, the naked stranger who had risen from Akio's floor left Akio wrestling with his underwear.