Akio hid in his room for the rest of the night and through the morning. He didn't sleep well, and when morning came large black bags hung under his eyes. It was seven, and he couldn't make himself fall back asleep.

It was Saturday. He had nowhere to go. He was stuck in his house all alone with the one man he wanted to avoid.

Or was he stuck?

Akio pressed his face against the cool glass of his bedroom window. One story down was a small patch of grass the apartment owners liked to call a garden. Growing close to the building, there was an old tree with branches that reached up to the third floor. Akio unlatched his window and forced it open, letting in the morning breeze.

Akio glanced behind him to see the small crimson figure watching him with its black eyes. Turning away, Akio took his path of escape.

"You climbed out your bedroom window?" Fuji looked at Akio in astonishment.

After his escape, Akio had called Fuji to a small coffee shop several blocks from his apartment. They sat outside at a small table with few people around, giving them ample privacy.

"I'm sorry about calling you out here so early." Akio's head was slumped as he fingered the stir stick in his coffee.

"It's no problem." Fuji assured him. Tsuki, who was sitting with them, made a small noise of disagreement. Akio wished Fuji had come alone. The pair seemed to always be together.

"I was hoping to enjoy a morning in bed together." Tsuki mumbled under his breath but both Fuji and Akio heard him. Fuji blushed and gave him a slight kick under the table.

Tsuji sighed and stood from the table. "I'm going to check out the record store. Let me know when you're done chatting."

"So what happened?" Fuji asked when Tsuki was a comfortable distance away from Akio.

Akio rested his head not-so-gently on the table causing their cups to rattle. He didn't want to think about last night, even though he'd invited Fuji out to get advice on the matter.

"Did you guys do it?" Fuji asked a little too eagerly for Akio's liking.

Akio mumbled something into the table, but Fuji couldn't hear him. "What?"

Akio lifted his head up in a pathetic manner. "We kissed."

"That's it?"

"Don't say, 'that's it'! I couldn't sleep all night!" Akio's face was burning.

"Its not like it's the first time you guys have kissed, right?"

"But this time… I-I felt…"

Akio didn't know how to describe it. Fuji's face softened as if he was recalling his first kiss. "You're body felt hot."

Akio's blush deepened. Yes, hot – like something inside his was burning and trying to squirm out of his body.

"You don't want him to leave."

Fuji didn't phrase it as a question so Akio found it even harder to deny. Some part of him knew being without Denji's warmth and company would make him lonely.

When did I forget how to live alone?

"But he cant… even if I…" Akio sighed. Even if Akio would be lonely without him, Denji wouldn't want to stay with him. He was a demon, an incubus. He wouldn't want to stay with a lowly human.

Akio looked up from his solemn gaze into his coffee cup to see Fuji smiling at him. "What?"

"Why don't you talk to him about it?"

"No – no I can't."

Then a third voice entered the conversation. "Talk to me about what?"

A chilling, nervous sweat beaded from Akio's skin. Shit, shit, shit. He kept his eyes down, using denial as a method to make Denji disappear. Akio wasn't ready to see him – that's why he ran away so early in the morning. But Denji's hand rested on his shoulder and a strange heat spread from the contact point to tingle his arm. Akio could no longer ignore Denji's presence.

"N-nothing." Akio said while brushing the hand away but not turning to see the man.

Fuji cleared his throat. "I probably shouldn't keep Tsuki waiting."

Frown lines multiplied on Akio's face as he watched his support abandoning him.

"What is it you wanted to talk to me about?" Denji said when they were alone.

"I said it's nothing." Akio rose from his chair, he started walking in the direction of home, but had to pass Denji to do so, so he kept his head bent down. "You shouldn't eavesdrop on people's private discussions."

Akio continued walking, but Denji didn't follow behind him nor did he give a response. Akio turned to see him still standing by the coffee shop, face expressionless, with his body leaning against the shop's outer brick wall. He was dressed in his tight-fitted, crimson shirt with a baseball cap shading his eyes from the morning sun.

Akio's heart thumped.

It was time to take care of this problem.

"Let's go back." Akio said just loud enough for Denji to hear.

Two sets of dark eyes watched Akio, Denji and the figurine. Akio fidgeted by his window as Denji waited patiently, sitting on the edge of the bed. Akio's hands were shaking from nerves and his legs were made of led, but he managed to push himself away from the window to stand in front of Denji.

Denji looked up at him curiously.

Akio let out a sigh and kept his eyes focused on Denji's chest – he wasn't going to look him in the face.

Reaching out, Akio placed his hands on Denji's shoulders. He hesitated for a moment before leaning toward Denji. Akio let his lips linger on Denji's lips for a long moment, but Denji didn't return the act – staying motionless.

Akio pulled away, feeling embarrassed by the rejection. As he pulled away, his eyes caught Denji's for a second, but Akio turned his head as suddenly as he'd seen the dark orbs. His face went hot with embarrassment – he was making a fool out of himself.

When Akio attempted to back away, Denji's arms snaked around his waist.

"Ah – wait!" Akio breathed out in surprise.

Denji pulled Akio forward, pressing their bodies together. Denji brought one hand around to Akio's front and undid the pants Akio had rushed into that morning. The fabric slid to the floor. Next, Denji grabbed onto the fabric of Akio's shirt. Even while sitting down, Denji was able to slip it over Akio's head.

Akio stood in nothing but his underwear, shivering for reasons other than being too cold. He couldn't move away because Denji kept his hand pressed to the small of his back.

Denji whispered Akio's name and brought his lips to where Akio's waist bent to become his hip. He kissed the soft skin lightly then moved his mouth upward till he licked Akio just below his ribs.

"D-Denji!" Akio shivered and tried to push Denji's head away. But Denji didn't give into Akio's protest. He moved his mouth back down while hooking his finger into Akio's underwear. Akio pressed his eyes shut as he felt his underwear sliding down his legs and Denji's tongue on his hip.

Gently, Denji moved their bodies till Akio's back was pressed onto the mattress with Denji positioned over him. Akio opened his eyes again and saw the dark passionate eyes, the raven hair, and the muscular chest as Denji slid his shirt off. Akio didn't watch as Denji slid off the rest of his clothes; he blocked his vision with his hands, feeling another wave of embarrassment.

Denji moved, Akio's hands away from his face and kissed Akio's jaw line, following a trail leading to Akio's lips. Akio didn't resist as Denji's lips and tongue consumed his own. Large warm hands ran along his body, finding the sensitive spots along his chest, causing him to wriggle awkwardly. Denji released Akio's name into his ear as a reassuring whisper as one of the large hands slid further down his body till it stopped between his legs.

"Ah!" Akio gasped with surprise and pleasure as Denji slowly pumped him with his hand. Soon he became hard under the man's touch.

Again Akio cried out; he'd cum into Denji's hand. Denji sat back on his heals and brought his hand to his face. Akio could not turn away as he watched the man lick some of his cum away from his hand. He left some of the liquid on his fingers and brought his hand back down.

Akio tried the squirm further up the bed when he felt the fingers, but Denji held him in place.

"No, not there!" Akio protested. "That's – that's – Ah!"

Denji's first finger slid within Akio's warmth. Akio's hole was tight, but using the cum as lubricant allowed one finger after another inside.

Akio could already feel two fingers inside of him. The sensation was strange, causing him to squirm. It hurt, it defiantly hurt… but there was something else…

Akio cried out again when the fingers reached deep within him, they struck something that sent a wave of pleasure shooting through him.

Three fingers.

He was being stretched and prodded, and licked once Denji bent his head over Akio's newly forming erection.

Suddenly, all three fingers disappeared causing Akio to moan over the sudden emptiness. Denji gave him a sly grin, knowing the pleasure and embarrassment he was putting Akio through. The emptiness was soon gone when Akio felt something larger than three fingers pressing against his hole. Denji spread Akio's legs further apart and brought his head back up to kiss Akio deeply. Akio took the chance to wrap his arms around Denji's back, grabbing onto him for support.

Slowly, Denji's length slid into him and Akio cried into the kiss. Further it penetrated his body and Akio could feel the pain spread to his legs. His mind wanted to push Denji away, but his arms would not release the demon.

Soon they were motionless, with Denji fully inside of him. The pain that had forced tears from his eyes slowly ebbed. Akio's tense body relaxed and Denji kissed the moisture away from his cheeks.

"Are you ready?" Denji whispered to him.

Akio found himself nodding. While the pain was leaving, a strange pleasure was arising and Akio's body was crying out for it.

Akio's voice echoed through the room with every thrust and every surge of passion. He clutched tighter onto Denji as if he'd fall away from the world. The pleasure welled up inside of him till he could no longer take it. Giving one last cry, he released himself and relaxed on the bed, unconscious.

Akio stared out the window from his bed. His body was led. There was a slight pain in his lower back when he shifted, but nothing else was uncomfortable… with the exception of his chest.

It felt wonderful, yet at the same time, it was terrible.

Akio couldn't bear to turn his head and see an empty bed behind him. Denji would be gone by now, having satisfied Akio's body and the contract.

The window in front of him grew hazy as his eyes were coated with tears. Silently he let the tears fall and stain his pillow.

He was alone.

He was always alone.

Akio wanted to fall away from consciousness, but the thoughts that panged his heart wouldn't to allow him comfort.

Footsteps came into Akio's room and he jumped up in surprise to see who had come into this home while he was crying, naked on his bed.

Naked or not, what he saw caused him to leap from the bed. His feet got tangled in the sheets causing him to stumble forward and fall into the man's solid chest. Denji caught Akio gracefully with one arm while his other hand cradled a glass of water.

"Please!" Akio shouted into Denji's chest, his tears streaming fiercely. "Please don't go. I know the contract is up, but I don't want you to leave!"

Akio heard the clink of glass on wood as Denji set the water on the desk. Using his now free hand, Denji vainly whipped away the tears on Akio's face. "Why must you cry?"

He spoke softly then bent down to kiss Akio's tears, then his lips. Moving Akio backward, he set him back on the bed and stood in front of him. Akio gripped on to Denji's arms and bent his head downward. "I – I cant stop… n-not when – when I know you're leaving me."

Denji kissed him again. It was so soft; it made Akio's heart pound numbly.

Denji brushed his lips against Akio's ear and whispered. "Who says I'm leaving."

"But our contract – you stay until I'm satisfied, and - "

Denji's light chuckle cut Akio off. Denji sat next to him and wrapped an arm around Akio's waist. "You don't look satisfied to me."

"But I can't keep you here!"

"Why not?" Denji said. "I thought you didn't want me to go."

"T-that woman. You said she bothered you for keeping you for so long – and I don't want to be a bother to you. I don't want you to hate me."

Both Denji's arms pulled Akio closer to him, embracing him tightly. "Don't compare yourself with that woman."

"Why? We are the same."

Denji ran his hand through Akio's hair to sooth him. "Akio, you're too cute."

"What, what do you mean by cute? I'm serious!" Akio tried to push himself away from Denji, but his strength was nothing against those strong arms.

"Akio." Denji kissed him once again. "I've never tasted anyone as good as you."

"What!?" Akio blushed intensely. "Wh-what is that supposed mean?"

Akio could feel Denji's laughter. "It means I'll be with you as long as you want."

After they'd been dismissed from school, Akio walked toward the school gate along side Fuji and Tsuki. Standing just outside the gate was tall, muscular, tan man with long black hair that was pulled back loosely. The god-like creature had gathered much attention and whispers, even with the baseball cap and sunglasses concealing half of his statuesque features. Apparently, being weak to sunlight wasn't just an excuse.

"He sure knows how to make a scene." Tsuki said with amusement.

"He's not the only one." Fuji said in response.

"What are talking about?" Tsuki said innocently.

Akio said his goodbyes to the pair and left to join the demon waiting for him.

"Ready to go home?" Denji said with his pleasant smile.

Akio nodded eagerly.

It may have been love, but Akio wasn't thinking that deeply yet.

But right now, he wasn't alone, he was with Denji, and they were happy – that he knew for sure.

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If the world were flat, what would be on the other side? It could be a maze of roots from all the old trees, or it could be where all the holes to China lead. I'd imagine a giant Tupperware container that gathers an endless amount of socks that somehow got lost inside people's driers.

But what if on the other side of our world, there was another world? A strange place that was only sparsely populated by our world's standards. A place where people believe in magic, and where marriage was only for love's sake. It sounds cheesy, but what if it was real?

When he kissed me, I think I fell of the edge of my world, or at least the edge of my reality.

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