In the Arms of an Angel

Hush, my child

Relax where you are

Be calm, lye still

Don't give up you've come so far

You're almost there

And it's almost over

You can see the light

I will help you, grab my shoulder

There's not much left

So no need to fight

There will be no more tears to cry

You have made it, you've seen the light

There will be no more pain

The wait is done

You shall float on a cloud of joy

To stand and see that you've become

There are no more lines

And there are no second chances

And there's nothing to convince you

To stand and take my hand

The life you had once known

Has come and past

It's brand new chapter

Something you can surpass

We shall turn another page

And see what a waits

Are you willing to give it all up?

And you willing to put it at stake?

We will watch you

Hold you so close

You will be safe

We will love you the most

Hush, my child

Miles and miles you dangle

You will stop your crying

For you're in the arms of an angel