Giving Up

They stain my face

As they slowly fall

The keep building up

And escaping without a call

We had some fun

It's couldn't last

The time has come

To push it past

We can't go on

It just won't work

I can't be with you

It's too much hurt

I can't tell you

All the things I've tried

But I just can't help

Stop the tears I cry

We knew this would happen

It's out of our hands

But the space between us

Has taken a stand

I'd like you to know

I love you so much

And that should be enough

To let me out of your clutch

I know you so well

And I hope you understand

That we can't be together

Separated by miles of land

What we had, It wasn't a fairytale

It was so far from luck

But as these minutes just keep ticking by

I've made up my mind, but I'm finally giving up