Secrets Lead to Nothing

You're climbing

Higher and higher

You take a few stumbles

But you keep on moving

You think you've made it

You think you can see the light

But it's been doused

Right before your eyes

For as long as that flame has burned

It's gone been put out

And there's no point

In trying to hide a flame in complete darkness

Everyone can see it

It's written on your face

They can see the fear

In the blackness of your eyes

You try to run

But it feels like

Just when you take one step forward

You're forced three steps back

Your luck is running out

Don't stop you shout

You can still make it

But that web just keeps getting worse and worse

Oh, how can I untangle

This web that has come

How do I escape

This thing that has taken over

Tell the truth

It's the only way

To get the world off your shoulders

And to slow down the rapid heartbeat

You may have to deal

With a few things

But consequences must be laid

In order to break lose

It all spills out

This mess is straight

He problem is dealt

It's finally over