Imaginary Girl

The wide open field

Was where we first met

It's where you were like a shield

Something I'll never regret

How you always protected me

From the danger in the world

You locked my heart with a special key

And took away that imaginary girl

You loved me with all of your heart

I know you deserve better

Before I tear it apart

I'm in the hospital

Lying in bed

And I will never forget the feeling I felt

With you lying next to my head

I knew I was never going to live

Past two weeks

I couldn't give up just like that

All your hard work you did for me

You love me

And I love you

And everything you see

I wish it weren't true

I'm not going to die

Right under your nose

I'm going to stay alive

And stay with you like that everlasting rose

I'm going to be with you

Until the day is done

I'm going to love you forever

Until the time comes

But I have to ask you one question before I die

And it's not about the danger in the world

But before I take my last breath

And before I die before you

I have to ask you this

How do you love an imaginary girl?