The Perfect Soul Mate

When he told me we needed to talk

It all went down hill from there

He said things like I was a nice, pretty and a caring girl

Like he meant any of it

Then he told me what really hurt

He said that he had met someone else

I was really boiling up

But I didn't show it

He said that he liked her more

That she was lovely smart and wonderful

I was so hurt that all I did was run

I went up to my room and slammed the door

I cried and cried until I ran out of tears

But now without him all I'm fighting are my fears

I stayed in my room and cursed at him for what he did

Then I realized I should get over the pain that he betrayed me

Then I remember all the fun times we had

Just sitting together on the beach with the sun

Him kissing me lightly on the cheek

And me on his shoulder fast asleep

But as the days go by

I forget a little bit each time

For every boy that I date

They'll never compare to my perfect soul mate