Hello, very dear readers,

This is your wayward author come back to grovel your upmost forgiveness for not updating in so long. After a very chaotic school schedule, a hectic summer, and a lot of thinking and worrying over this story, I have decided: it is crap. There are characters everywhere (a good author most definitely would not need a character list), the timeline has no rhyme or reason, and it is not going where I want it to go. I know that is, of course, my fault as author for letting the story have its way with me, instead of me having my way with it. (PILLAGE ALL AROUND…mhuahahah). Moving on…

Having said all of that, I have made it my mission this summer to print this story, take a magical pen of mine to it, and rearrange everything, sort everything, and really just strip it to the core and build it back up. This story is NOT going away. IT WILL REMAIN, and hopefully be back BETTER THAN EVER (stress on hopefully).

Having said all of that: let me know what you think about my plans, what you think should change, what needs to be developed, what you did not understand the first time around… anything. The good, the bad, and the ugly: tell it to me.

Also, if anyone wants to Beta… I'd love you for, oh, I don't know, EVER. PM me if you want to.

Thanks so much! Don't lose hope – PLEASE!