Welcome to the Center for Adolescent Correction & Rehabilitation

"Lucy give me my fucking marker. Now!" The disgruntled teen in the light blue uniform commanded with puffed cheeks and anger in his eyes. Ms. Lucy, unfazed by his anger continued to speak in a calm neutral tone.

"Is that anyway for a gentleman to speak?" she asked, her head cocked slightly to the side as she spoke.

"I'm not a gentleman. I'm angry and I want my property."

"Well I'm sorry James, but you broke the rules and now you can't have your marker. This is a direct result of your own action. Don't you remember our lesson last week on actions, and reactions?"

James ignored her question, speaking through clenched teeth, "If you don't give me my marker you'll regret it."

"Bravo", a female voice cut in causing both James, and Ms. Lucy to look toward the seating area where she sat. "Way to go. That's definitely going to get your marker back now. I guarantee it, threats always work." she said sarcastically with a roll of her eyes.

"Ebony, behave" Ms. Lucy scolded ignoring James's threat. She'd been in her line of work long enough to know when someone was serious or not. Ebony shrugged her shoulders at the weak chastisement before pointing the remote at the television and changing the channel. Pulling his glare from Ebony, James turned his fury back on Ms. Lucy.

"Ms. Lucy if you don't give me my marker back I'm going to punch Ebony in the face."

"And I'll punch you back." Ebony responded also unfazed by his threat. Everyone knew James' threats were as empty as a politicians promise.

"James it's not nice to threaten your friends, apologize."

James glared at Ebony, "she's not my friend." he said through clenched teeth.

"Well she's my friend, and I don't like it when you threaten my friends" Ms. Lucy said before quickly locking the permanent marker in the drop box behind the information desk. James' eyes were still glued to Ebony, he really did want to hit her. The possibility of getting into a real fight, and asserting himself as a serious threat had eclipsed his desire to reclaim his marker, if only for a second or two. He pulled his eyes away from Ebony and turned back to Ms. Lucy.

"Can I have my marker back? Please." James ask without the slightest hint of politeness in his voice. Group session taught him that saying please yielded better results.

"May I, and the answer's no" Ms. Lucy responded using the correct protocol. The enforcement procedure for punishment, outlined by the staff behavior and psychology team, dictated that there were three steps to discipline. She had already initiated an appropriate punishment while securing the safety of both her and the guest, per step one. She had stood firm in her decision to take the marker away, locking it securely in the drop box, per step two; and now for step 3, redirection. "why don't you join the other kids outside for some fresh air" she suggested to the clearly angry James.

"Why don't you go fuck yourself?" he responded before stomping off to his room where he was sure to throw a fit, costing his parents yet another $1000 worth of fines for destruction of property, and that's not even counting the mess he made in the library. They were sure to be livid this time. Ms Lucy watched after him with a frown. She wasn't sure how much she believed in the center's punishment procedure. Redirection with James never worked, though if it did then he probably wouldn't have been there in the first place. She shook her head before tapping the few sheets of paper she had in her hand against the desk to align them with one another. The afternoon activity for her section would be a walk about the garden and a contest on identifying the plant life.

"Ebony, will you join us for a walk in the garden?" she asked the teenaged girl seated in front of the television.

"Will Jesus join Satan for a two step and a tango?" she responded never taking her eyes from the television.

"A simple no would suffice."

"Simply not asking would too." Ebony shot back almost immediately.

"All right, fine then. Your loss" Ms. Lucy said in an attempt at reverse psychology. It usually worked with the other kids, if they felt they might miss out on something they'd be more apt to join in on the activity. Ebony however, was a special case.

"What's winning without a few losses" Ebony responded offhandedly before turning up the volume of the television, signaling the end of the discussion. Hiding her smile, Ms. Lucy grabbed a stack of pens from the desk and proceeded to the backyard to meet the other kids. She was really fond of Ebony, and would have liked her to join them if for nothing else then her ability to keep the other kids in line. However, she knew there was only so far one could push Ebony before she fell into one of her disruptive episodes. Today was not the day that she wanted to be the cause of such an outburst. Especially since she knew she would already have to write up an incident report before she left for the night.

James pushed his door open with such force that it hit the wall behind it and shot back at him. He caught it's edge in the palm of his hand, and pushed it shut. The clatter from the solid wooden door slamming against the metal frame echoed throughout his room as he stomped over to his bed. He plopped down onto the soft mattress causing the springs to recoil. He bounced lightly under the pressure as he folded his arms across his heaving chest and stared at the carpet pattern in the throw rug he had beside his bed. He was fuming. Ms. Lucy confiscated his last marker and he probably wouldn't be able to get another one. So what if he wrote on the walls in the library, tagging stuff is what he does. It's how he expresses himself.

No one uses that library anyways, He thought, I want my marker back.

He drew his arm out in a sweeping motions and knocked the lamp off of his bedside table. The lamp hit the floor with a crashing sound. It was all he needed to send himself into a range.

"Stupid bitch!" He yelled at no one in particular before jumping up from his bed. He moved over to the lamp lying on the floor and began stomping on the already battered lampshade. Ripping it from the rest of the fixture he threw it across the room. "I want my marker!" he screamed before picking up the rest of the lamp, ignoring the shatter pieces of glass from the broken light bulb, and tossing it. It hit the wall above his roommate's bed leaving a gaping hole before falling onto the bed, and then bouncing to the floor. He ran over to his roommates bed and flipped the mattress over before putting his foot threw the box spring. He put a few more holes in the box spring, before punching another hole in the wall. "Give me my property!" Backing away from the bed his foot caught in one of the holes he made in the box spring, and he fell to the ground. With his fall only infuriating him more, James pulled his foot from the hole and jumped up to his feet. He charged straight for his own dresser. Grabbing it by the sides he pushed it to the floor, and began tossing the clothes filled drawers across the room. Causing more holes in the walls as the drawers made contact with them. He then did the same to his roommates dresser before turning himself onto his own bed. The furniture hit the floor with loud crashes as wooden pieces of all shapes and sizes sailed across the room. Despite the numerous nicks and bruises that he received throughout his tantrum James raged on.

Ebony's eyes were focused down the hallway with mild annoyance. It seemed like every time James got a little angry he turned it into a major situation. Rolling her eyes she turned back toward the television. Though her eyes were trained on the television, she most certainly was not watching it. Staring at the television had become somewhat of a ritual for her. If she gave off the impression that she was actively engaged in the television then the staff tended to leave her alone. Even though Doc Griffin didn't buy it, it was enough to keep everyone else off of her case. She had just gotten back to the point where she no longer heard outside disturbances when James's voice drifted down the hallway and into the sitting room.

"I fucking hate you!"

She once again turned to the direction of his room. Her annoyance was clear on her face. "What a fucking drama queen." she said out loud before once again trying to regain her state of escape. She was at the point when the sudden color changes and movement on the television screen no longer aroused a response from her when she heard the loud crash. Jumping out of her chair she started toward James's room. "You've got to be fucking kidding me." she said making steps toward the hall. "Who the hell flips out over a marker?" she thought out loud. When she reached his door she stood in front of it making sure to check her own anger before turning the knob. She pushed the door open, but did not bother to enter as she watched James's toss a mattress. His face was a deep crimson color, and his cheeks and nostrils flared with each breath. She could see the a small trickle of blood from his left forearm, and his white t-shirt which was awkwardly exposing most of his stomach had a few stains of blood on the sleeve, which Ebony supposed was from the fresh cut about above his eyebrow. All in all he looked like a raving lunatic which caused Ebony to laugh. Her laughter brought his attention to the doorway where she stood.

"Get the fuck out!" he yelled at her his rage still boiling.

"I'm not in", she replied with a chuckle. He was certainly ridiculous.

"Shut up!"

The mess James made in his room was sure to cost his family a great deal of money, not to mention that his roommate could sue for him ruining his stuff as well. The whole situation was quite funny to Ebony. She knew James was no different than any other attention starved adolescent. All he wanted was a hug from Mommy and Daddy and to be told that they loved him. Instead of asking for it though, he took to acting out. Her laughter subsided into a simple smirk as she folded her arms across her chest and shifted her weight.

Her initial reason for going to his room was to slap some sense into him. However, after looking at the way things were she knew he was a hopeless cause. There was no slapping sense into the senseless.

"You certainly are an idiot", she said before turning away from him to head back to her chair.

James moved to run after her catching himself with his palms as he tripped over a piece of broken dresser.

"Don't call me an idiot!" he screamed coming out of his room and into the hallway.

"You are what you are" Ebony informed him over her shoulder.

The fire in him surged as James charged after her. He grabbed her braids in his fist and pulled down, causing her head to jerk back. "Don't call me an idiot" he sneered, pulling tighter on her hair. He hadn't actually thought out the next step in his attack on her so he just pulled at her hair some more. He had seen plenty of chick fights where all they did was pull each other's hair and scream. However, Ebony wasn't like those girls. She didn't scream, or grab for his hair, or even try to scratch him instead she swung her fist back making direct contact with his crotch and the organs held in that area. James cried out in pain before letting go of her hair and dropping to the floor. Ebony turned to look at him smoothing her hair back into a neat ponytail. She was actually slightly impressed with him. He did have some gall in him after all. She reached down and patted him on the shoulder before standing up and delivering a kick to his abdomen. Poor little idiot, she thought before turning to walk away. She resumed her spot in her chair in front of the television. Staring blankly at the screen for a long minute before she finally turned her attention down the hall. The senseless mess, James was still laying in the middle of the floor holding himself and rocking back and forth. Her blank expression gave way to a smirk before she laughed again. Shaking her head, she turned her attention back to the television screen. Thanks to the silence that she now had, she allowed herself to escape once more.

After what seemed like hours James was able to find enough strength to pull himself up to a sitting position. His vision was still a little blurred but he could see well enough to navigate himself to a wall. He scooted across the floor until he was close enough to a wall to rest his back against it as he sat cradling himself. His breaths were still deep as his chest heaved, and his cheeks flared with pain and oxygen intake. His brain cursed Ebony with everything he could think of because he was still having difficulty finding his voice. The pain was shooting all over his body as he tried in a futile attempt to ease it by closing his eyes.

Author's Note: I'm not sure how you all will recieve this since it's not really the romance piece that people seem to be interested in. However I would like to know what you think (good or bad). I'm more attached to this story than I am to In Plain Black & White, but I promise to finish both just as long as people are reading. Thanks for checking this out though - F.E.