Note: The story was made from the idea of the writer's classmate / friend (whatever her opinion is), Kara.

Another Note: The writer is a novice with no actual experience of writing non-fanfiction stories. *laughs*

Kara's note (is this allowed?): The idea of this story just popped into my head, I had no intention to plagiarize or copy someone else's idea. If you think this story is slightly the same as yours I am telling you that it is purely coincidental. Thank you. *bows*

Chapter 1

Mrs. Robinson, one of the most boring teachers in the school; and her subject Trigonometry, one of the hardest subjects ever, was never a good combination.

A certain brunette-haired girl sat on her chair; her arm on her desk, her hand posed in writing position. She didn't hate Trigonometry. She didn't hate Mrs. Robinson either. She just found the subject even harder to understand with a teacher who was meant to teach History.

She looked around the classroom. Some were sleeping, some were chatting, and some were note-taking but weren't really listening. All in all, her classmates weren't taking this subject seriously, either.

She started to doze off. Sleep wanted to take over her entire system. Trigonometry just wasn't the subject for her – that much she knew.

"Ms. Scarlet Johnson, will you please stop sleeping in my class?"

Scarlet, for that was the girl's name and not to be confused with Scarlett Johansson, immediately woke up and looked at the teacher. "What? I wasn't sleeping."

"If you weren't sleeping then give the answer to the problem."

Scarlet stared at the board, dumbfounded.

"It would've benefited you if you were truly listening, Ms. Johnson."

What was Mrs. Robinson's problem? She wasn't the only one sleeping in her class. Why was she the only student who was called and humiliated? She wanted to roll her eyes and risk being in detention; luckily, the bell rang and she immediately left.

She shook her head. Not that Mrs. Robinson actually mattered. She opened her locker to prepare the things she needed for the next subject.

A note dropped when she pulled out her book. Anonymous? Well, not really surprising. Okay, she may not be part of the popular group but she had her fair share of admirers. Admirers that she constantly ignored. Usually those guys just wanted a quick lay but aren't really interested in anything more than that. It was troublesome.

She walked to her next classroom. She just wanted the day to be over; even meeting up with her friends didn't interest her at that time.

She sat down on her chair and the moment that she did, the teacher entered.

"Settle down."

The teacher's voice distracted her from letting her mind wander off. Class time.

"Hey Scarlet, leaving so soon?"

"Hm?" She was on her bike, her means of transportation, already. "Why?"

"We're going to this party later, wanna join?"

"A party?" She blinked. "No, sorry, I have....some things to do. Maybe next time."

"Why? You used to join us."

"Sorry guys, I'm not exactly in the best of moods."

"Mrs. Robinson?"

"Yeah, among other things…" She laughed.

"Okay, fine. But next time you're going." It wasn't a question or a request. It was a statement, more of a demand.

She merely nodded and went off.

"I'm – " She stopped herself when she remembered that she was talking to no one.

She proceeded to her room and dropped her bag on her bed. A yawn came from her before she went to the kitchen to make something to eat.

The long day finally ended.

Haha. Okay…Did it suck? Yeah, I think so too. *laughs*