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Previously on Chapter 5…

Scarlet prepared her ears already, almost fearing what was about to come. While Ruby smiled, closed her eyes, and brought her hands to cover her ears.

The next moment, all the people in the shop heard only one thing, "I win again!!!"

Scarlet and Ruby looked at each other and smiled. Audrey would always be Audrey…

Chapter 6

It was yet another day in school. Another day in school meant one thing: boring.

"Scarlet? Scarlet?"

Said girl sat in her chair, happily dreaming in the middle of class. "Hmm? What? Who is it?"


Her sleeping face contorted in confusion. She mumbled, "Huh? Your name can't possibly be Scarlet as well…"

A pissed off, dedicated student, dropped a book in front of Scarlet.

She gave a slight jump, and woke up in the process.

"What! I'm awake!" She shouted.

With that outburst, the classroom was filled with laughter.

Scarlet went as red as a tomato. She mentally scolded herself for sleeping in class. How could she do that? Why did she do it?

As Scarlet was mentally fighting with herself, the bell rang and her classmates started to file out of the classroom.

Thankfully though, she thought, it seemed as if they've forgotten about her little embarrassing incident.

She sighed, gathered her things, and started to leave the classroom as well.

"Scarlet, wait." Mr. Browne directed his gaze to her. "You do know that even though you passed the make-up test and that we have tutorial sessions doesn't give you the license to sleep in class."

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Browne. It…won't happen again." She then looked puzzled. What time was the tutorial session again?

Luckily for her, Mr. Browne said, "Now, I'll meet you up here at 2 pm okay?"

Oh, right, now she remembered. "Okay…"

She then immediately left the room.

It was lunch break and Scarlet was eating with Audrey and Ruby.

In the middle of eating her lunch, Audrey said, "Hey Scarlet, wanna go shopping today?"

Ruby, to get facts straight with Audrey, said, "But Audrey, it's a school day today."

"So? Just because it's a school day doesn't mean we can't shop. Right, Scarlet?"

Scarlet looked up from her food. "What? Oh, yeah, sure."

"See, Ruby? She agrees with me… Wait, you're really agreeing with me Scarlet?"

Scarlet blankly looked at her friend. "Uh, agree with you about what exactly?"

Ruby sighed. "You weren't listening to anything we were talking about, were you?"

Scarlet pursed her lips guiltily. "Sorry, guys I… …"

"Hey guys!"

Audrey directed her attention to the guy that just greeted them. "Oh. Hey, Carter."

Carter leaned in the space between Audrey and Ruby, and whispered, "What's up with Scarlet?"

Scarlet was caught in a daze – something that was a bit unnatural for his sister's friend, in Carter's point of view.

Audrey shrugged. "Why don't you ask her? There's no harm in it."

"Why would I ask her?"

"Because I know you want to "know" her…."

"Whatever, Audrey." He stood straight. "Anyway, the reason I came here is that I was going to ask for your Physics homework."

Ruby quietly drank her juice, not really wanting to get in the way of the two siblings.

Audrey rummaged in her bag and handed Carter her homework. "Make sure you give it back to me!"

Carter smiled. "You're the greatest sister in the world."

"Yeah, yeah. I know." She tossed her hair happily as her brother walked off.

Scarlet, who was still in her little daze, quietly stared at her two best friends. Audrey and Ruby, as she knew of, had two opposite worlds.

Audrey, the red-haired, gray-eyed goddess, was loved by all. She easily adapted to her environment, as well as the kind of people that she mingled with. Her family was extremely rich and the only reason that Audrey doesn't study in a private school was because of Ruby and Scarlet, who can't afford private schools.

Ruby, in contrast, had an image of that of a goth. With hair and clothes as black as the night sky and skin as white as Snow White's, some students are actually afraid of her because of the certain uniqueness on how she dealt with things.

If it wasn't for Scarlet, Ruby would have graduated with no friends at all.

Carter, Audrey's twin brother, was a famous jock at school. He wasn't like his sister who chose to lay low, even though Audrey could effortlessly be as popular as her brother if she just opted to do so.

Carter spent his time dating, juggling, and fucking girls. Scarlet mentally shuddered at the dirty thought but, well, it's what he truly does with his time. It's also the reason why he depended on Audrey when it came to homework.

Ruby snapped her fingers right in front of Scarlet's face. "Scarlet, care to tell us what you're thinking about?"

Scarlet blinked a few times before she answered, "It's nothing, really…just about the tutorial thing later?"

Ruby looked confused for a moment. "What tutorial thing?"

"I didn't tell you yet?" She raised both her eyebrows for a moment, and realized. "Oh yeah, I didn't. Well, this tutorial thing is for Trigonometry. Since, if I don't pass the damn subject I'm never gonna get into college."

Audrey looked at Scarlet straight in the eye. "Wait…Trigonometry?"

Scarlet nodded.

"…And your teacher is???"

"Mr. Browne." Scarlet had said it as if she was just describing the weather.

Audrey then looked as if she was given the entire world was in her possession. She got all excited and seemed to slightly jump in her chair. "OMG! You are sooo lucky! I'm sooo jealous of you! Makes me want to fail trig too, you know. I mean, come on! It's Mr. Browne! He's totally hot."

Scarlet decided to say the one thing that she knew will instantly stop Audrey from pursuing their current conversation. "What's so fun about having a tutorial? It's after class, regardless of Mr. Browne and his so-called 'excellent' teaching, you won't get to shop."

Much to Scarlet's expectations, Audrey said, "Oh yeah. Good point."

Right after school, Scarlet started her way to the Trigonometry room. She walked slowly, wondering what kind of questions would Mr. Browne give her.

She turned left, not really minding her surroundings anymore, and tried to reason out to herself that maybe Mr. Browne would go easy on her. After all, she did fall asleep and maybe he would understand that she can't correctly answer his questions.

She entered a room and looked around. Where is Mr. Browne? Didn't she just enter the trigonometry room? She was sure she did.

Maybe he had forgotten, she thought. If he forgot, then…

She slapped her hands together in delight. If Mr. Browne forgot the she didn't have to stay long, right?

She'll just leave and when he asked her about it tomorrow, tell him that she waited so long for him that she just decided to go.

Just when she was about to leave the room, she came face-to-face with Mr. Browne.

"Hey Scarlet," he greeted, "Why are you inside the English room?"

Scarlet's initially happy mood went as fast as it had come a few moments ago. Mr. Browne was there…

More importantly, she was in the English room?! Then she realized that she entered the wrong room awhile ago…that's why Mr. Browne wasn't there…she didn't enter the trig room… Obviously.


She snapped out of her thoughts before she started slapping herself because of her carelessness. "Yes?"

"What are you doing inside the English room?"

"Oh, you know, the usual." She avoided eye contact, doing her best to hide her embarrassment. "I'm just looking around, getting to know my school a little more. Haha…"

He flashed a weird look at Scarlet for a second, barely noticeable, then said, "Uh, okay. Well anyway, let's proceed to the trigonometry room now. Shall we?"

She wanted to instantly answer him a flat, 'NO!'

She wasn't ready…mentally, since she slept in class, and emotionally because of two embarrassing moments that just happened, both of which included the man that she's standing in front of.

But sadly and sickeningly, she heard her own voice say, "Okay." How could her voice betray her like that?

In the trigonometry room, Mr. Browne stood behind the teacher's table while Scarlet sat at the chair nearest to him.

"Okay…What is the reference angle of 115 degrees?"

Scarlet mentally subtracted for a second before answering, "65."

"Right. And, how do you convert radians to degrees again?"

"Multiply by 180 degrees and divide by pi."

"That's right! See? It isn't so hard. All you need is some patience and dedication to learn this. Once you have it, you won't have a problem anymore."

She looked up at him. "Right…Okay, so what are we going to do next?" She stretched her arms downward.

"Actually…" he paused, "Nothing."

Scarlet oddly looked at him. Did she hear him correctly just now? "…I'm sorry?"

"If you look at the time," he gave a quick glance at his watch, "it's already four o'clock. We're done for today."

Scarlet looked at her own watch and said, "Oh, right."

She just couldn't believe it was already over. She thought it would be difficult…and downright boring. Strangely enough, it wasn't… What was even stranger for her was that she didn't want it to end yet.

She was totally in the zone, getting all the right answers the way she did.

Plus, when she looked up from her seat, it was actually only then that she noticed how hot Mr. Browne's butt was and –

Oh Fuck. Did she just fantasize about Mr. Browne's ass?

Just when she almost started yet another mental fight with herself, she heard Mr. Browne say, "Scarlet? Scarlet, are you okay?"

She hadn't realized that she unconsciously made a horrified expression with Mr. Browne standing in front of her.

"Yeah, I'm…totally fine. Cool, actually. Yeah, um…can I ask you a question? Oh, and it's not related to trigonometry, by the way." She instantly shook it off, raking her brain off for a different topic.

"Oh, sure."

"Can I call you 'Mr. B' ?" Holy mother f– Did she just say that?

"I'm sorry. What?"

"Is it okay if I call you 'Mr. B' ?" Oh well, there's no way she can take it back now.

He looked confused, the first time Scarlet has ever seen him that way.

"It's just…you know, your name is so long. And, well, you call me Scarlet but I call you Mr. Browne. So I thought; why can't we both be familiarized with each other?"

He absolutely had no idea how to reply to that at that moment, right when she had said it to him.

Scarlet, for the moment, decided to stare down at her desk – patiently waiting for whatever his answer might be. She was silently grilling herself for such a spur-of-the-moment question.


She looked up, hope slightly showing in her eyes. "Really?"

Mr. Browne nodded. "As long as you do well in my tests, I don't see why not."

"Okay. Well, um…I should go. It's a bit late and, yeah…Thank you for the time."

"It's not a problem. 2 pm tomorrow again, okay? Same place."

"Yes. Bye... Mr. B." She stuffed her notebook and pen back in her bag, then started to leave.

Mr. Browne's eye twitched slightly, due to not being used to the fact that someone is calling him Mr. B.

Scarlet was already at the door, therefore, didn't notice him.

"Bye….Oh wait, do you need a ride?"

She turned to face him one last time. "I don't. Thanks again." With a wave of her hand, she was then out of there.

As Scarlet walked down the halls, her thoughts were on Mr. Browne.

She rode her bike and started her way back home.

She thought of how Audrey was right that Mr. Browne was hot, other than smart. Her eyes widened at the road and she started yet another one of her mental fights with herself.

She had to stop thinking about him sexually already! But, ugh, she can't help it…She had the worst weak spot for butts. She cringed. That was just so disgusting.

Her thoughts then drifted back to her stupidity back at the trigonometry room. She just cannot believe she asked him if she could call him 'Mr. B'. She was a complete idiot for trying to insist that they could be close.

Now that she thought about it, Mr. B had every right to call him Scarlet. He called all of her other classmates by their first names. Ugh. How many embarrassing things can she actually do in one day??

When she turned to the street for her house, she shrugged everything off again. It was over now. There's no point in dwelling too much in it. And, on the brighter side of things, he agreed to her calling him Mr. B so she guessed that it was also alright, in a way.

Scarlet reached her house, only half-aware of where her body was going.

She went to her room, thoughts still on Mr. Browne. She dropped her bag down and leaned against the wall.

Wait a minute…

With her eyes glued to the wall across her room, she suddenly became conscious of something.

For her whole trip from school to her house, she had been thinking about Mr. Browne and his butt. Why is that? How…? Unless…Did that mean that she's…?

She waved her arms in the air, as if trying to cast all of her thoughts away in an instant.

No, of course not. Definitely not. She ran her fingers through her hair. Besides, she tried to reason out to herself, the only reason that she had been thinking about him that much was because he was the last person she was with.

What's more was that thinking about Mr. Browne and his butt was completely and utterly normal…right?

She stopped dead in her tracks at what she discovered.

She threw herself on her bed, absolutely pissed off.

Oh shit! Shit, shit, shit!!

With her violent thoughts, she had accidentally hit herself on the face.

She made an undistinguishable face, and muttered, "Ouch…"

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