Is weird even a valid statement anymore?

Is weird even a valid statement anymore? I have people come and tell me I'm weird. I can't say I disagree. Yes, I'm not normal. But is anyone normal? Everyone is different; therefore technically they'd all be "weird", right?

By definition weird means "abnormal", "supernatural", "unearthly", "fantastic", "bizarre", or "uncanny". This means that if something is not normal, then it is weird. But what exactly is "normal"? By definition, normal means "conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural."
But if people are not a "common type or a standard", does that make people weird? Everyone is different. You could be white, black, Asian, Indian, or Italian. You could have blonde hair, brown hair, red hair, black hair, or even a mix. Heck, anime characters even have blue and green hair (even though anime isn't real, I'm just trying to prove a point here). You could have freckles (like me), birth marks, rashes, or zits. Simply put, everyone looks different in some kind of way.

Does that mean everyone is "weird"? There is no "common type" or any "usual type". Therefore, by definition, everyone is weird.
It's not only people that are "weird", things can be weird too. Think about it. If I'm sitting in a chair, it's considered normal. If I'm sitting on a cone, that may be considered weird. But if several "normal" people came and sat down on cones like I was, would it still be weird? The one reason why people think things are weird is because it's something new and innovative that is not the same as something routine. By changing routine, it is technically "weird", because changing routine is "not the usual". But then again, every day in our lives is different, so the routine is not exactly the same, thus, it is weird.

Looking at it in a different way, go back in the days before I was born to the time computers were made. Before computers were made, people communicated by phone, mail, or confronting one another. All three of those were normal things to do. When email came out, it was "weird" because it innovatively changed the act of communication, making it stray from the normal acts of mail, phone calls, or confronting one another. Nowadays, email is one of the best ways to communicate, along with AIM and cell phone texting. These things are no longer "weird" because they have become routine. So, when the next easy act of communication comes out, it may be "weird" at first, but it will flow into our society as "normal" over time.

So, you may think that me running around in a seahorse costume and acting gangsta outside is weird. It is no more "abnormal" than the first time someone sat down on a newly invented toilet. You may also think that me trying to find unicorns by giving a lame tour may be weird, but is it any more weird than any other thing that is "new"? The reason people say things are weird, I repeat, is because they are new and not used to a certain specific act. If I ran around every day with five of my other seahorse homies, it would not be considered as weird anymore. And if people started to join my seahorse fan club and I got millions and millions of members, it would be a "normal" thing to join my seahorse fan club. No longer would it be weird because several "normal" people would have joined my group and balanced it into society. "Weird" is really just a loosely used term for something you aren't used to. But if you get used to things, like discovering unicorns daily for example, no longer are they weird.

You could consider me walking around the block every single day "weird". The first time I walk it might take 500 steps, the second time it might take 1000 steps, the third time it could take 483 steps, and the fourth time could be 777 steps. Since I walked a different number of steps each time, it could be considered "weird". But if walking a different amount each time becomes so weird, what is "normal"? Walking the same amount of steps each time? The sad part is if I tried to walk the same amount of steps each time, and counted each step I took every single day, some attractive girl could walk up to me and ask, "What are you doing?"

I would say, "I'm trying to walk the same amount of steps each day so I can consider myself normal."

And she would just say, "You're weird" and walk away.

So if walking the same amount of steps each day is weird and walking different varied amount of steps is also weird, then what is considered normal? There's no other option besides not walking at all. And we all know that if I stopped walking, went inside my house and started writing this "weird" essay about how "everything is weird", I'd get no exercise and eventually get extremely fat and overweight and that would be considered "weird" if you saw me in public with a bunch of skinny people. But then again, it's America, so who knows?
Let's not get off-topic though. Basically, staying inside and getting fat by not walking, walking a different number of steps each day, and walking the same amount of steps each day are all weird? What's left to be normal? Nothing. Ding! Ding! Ding! Nothing! That's why I'm writing an essay about how "everything is weird". But seriously I'm not fat, I'm skinny, however, in an American society it could be considered "weird" because it is one of the most obese countries in the world.

So if nothing is "normal", does that mean everything is "weird"? Sure, it does. This essay is "weird", playing in a band is "weird", learning the art of Tae-Kwon-Dow in America is "weird", walking the dog is "weird", walking a three-headed dog is "weird", walking a cat is "weird", dressing up a dog and walking it is "weird", and walking my principal from a former school by putting a leash on him, calling him a dog, and exploring my neighborhood by showing him that unicorns exist is "weird". My run-on sentence structure is "weird", as well your interpretation of this essay.

This world is "weird" and I've come to realize that this is the way it is supposed to be. If everything was "normal" there would be no fun, just boredom. But if things are "weird", "new", or at first "uncomfortable" it makes things interesting. That is, until they become a normal "thing" to mark down on your list. Once it becomes a normal "thing", it becomes part of a list of everything that has been done before, and thus it is boring if repeatedly done. Therefore, for entertainment, people need to be weird and sporadic, and do something out of the ordinary so it is not boring.

People need to have an imagination and open their minds because by coming up with a "weird" philosophy, invention, or style, they can create something new, even a new world (an imaginary one anyway).

So if any morals are learned, one is to not call people "weird" just because of their race, gender, weight, and actions. Everyone is different, everyone has something to offer, and nobody is any more normal than anyone else.

by thatcrazyrainbowguy