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Chapter Seven:

The Plot Thickens

The Nightly Meeting: When Aries Comes To Town

"Now Aries we got to do this. After all we want to make sure the kings blood line dies." says a young but fearless wolf. "I know we need to do this but why her…and why now?" said Aries. "Well first off she is the last female and she is the last hybrid female…as well as mixed in with the rouge blood." said the wolf. "Man Jack you make things hard." said Aries. "Hey it's not my fault she's the last but we need to werewolf king to fall he's doing a crappy job at keeping us safe." said the wolf who happens to be Jack. "Alright since we have been here longer than you Aries we have already scouted out the area and her and a few female wolves meet in the forest. And if we manage to get her group then the more chance we stand at getting her in our grasp. Then we can use her to get the king of werewolves cause we have noticed that the prince of werewolves has taken a fancy to your daughter." says Jack. "Just because I got here doesn't mean I am not alpha and you know damn well I am. And as for if we get the girls how do you know that she'll come looking." says Aries. "Thought you might ask that particular question. The girls look at her as if she is the alpha she is the strongest one in the group." says Jack. "Okay well here is what we are going to do…We are going to send out a decoy to actually get them to be on there guard. After they find him and catch him. I will be waiting along the street and just casually bump into Kiran and cause I am pretty sure Kiran being the leader of the pack will be the first one to leave. When she is gone the rest will scatter…That's when I want the rest of the pack to snag all the other females in the group that way we will have a bargaining chip." says Aries. "Well we don't want to underestimate they group I know that they have to be partially separated then that's when its best to get them other then that if we don't do that way they all help and feed off each other." said Jack. "Well that's why you have more than 2 to each girl. After they have been caught bring them back here and I can certainly guarantee that when Kiran gets home from her work that day she'll go in a rage. Never, I mean NEVER underestimate the rage she'll go into. If she is anything like her mother…her rage will be unstoppable but we won't know until I get back from meeting her." says Aries. "Sounds like a plan to me lets go tell the boys." stated Jack.

Executing of the Plan

The next morning Aries got up and went for a walk to get to know the city a little better. As Aries was walking around he notice Kiran not looking at where she was going. He was surprised she didn't walk in to him. She noticed just in time not to hit him "I'm sorry sir." she said as she looked up to him "Don't worry little one." he said as he tries to smile. As he smells the air and notices that he knew the scent and it was Kiran. This was his little girl. She started to walk away. "Excuse me, can you tell me where to find the Harris 24 Diner?" Aries asks. "It's straight down this road and it's on the right hand side of the street. I can take you if you want me too since I'm heading there already." she said. As some one plows over Aries. He starts to apologies in haste "I am so sorry I didn't mean to bump into you." says the guy. "It's fine I think we better go little one…I do recall you offered to show me the place." says Aries. "Yes I did." she said as she shoots an evil look at the guy and with that the Aries and the girl walk off. "Uumm sorry but what's your name sir?" ask the girl trying to be nice. "O he-he-he it's Aries like the god. What is your name little one?" said Aries. "Kiran and its nice to meet you." said Kiran. As they walked Aries looked back to see the guy following them. "So how long is this walk?" ask Aries to Kiran.

While walking Aries asked "So Kiran are you from around here or are you from a distant place?" said Aries. "I am kind of both…born and raised in a different place but have been here since I was 9 years old with my step-dad. Why do you ask?" says Kiran. "What happened to your mom?" asked Aries. "She died when I was young but I don't want to talk about that. Why are you asking so many questions?" says Kiran. "Oh I just lost my daughter she was young and her mother had died and I heard rumors that she might be living here so I thought I'd just ask since you would be about the right age." says Aries. "Well there are a few girls like that here so are you going to interrogate them like this or you must have an easier way of choosing." said Kiran. "Oh she like dogs…wolfs in particular." says Aries. "Well that limits that down to two…got any more ideas." says Kiran. "Well she loves to go cave exploring…" says Aries. With that little fact she knew Aries was a wolf. And as to if he is her dad she isn't quite sure of so she decided to do a little interrogating herself. "What happened to be the name of your wife…I'm assuming you two were married or was it a love child." says Kiran. "Yes we were married and her name is the prettiest name I have ever heard and her looks weren't that bad either…but her name was Atalanta." says Aries. Kiran and Aries had completed the rest of the walk in silence and when they got to the diner they parted she went into the back and got ready as Aries sat down and looked at a menu. 'OMG she's coming over now. I better find an order quick.' says Aries to himself.

Kiran walked to the table where Aries was sitting and said "What can I get ya?" "Well I'd like your famous Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry and diet Mt. dew." said Aries. "Okay that's coming right up." says Kiran. "I didn't offend you did I?" said Aries. "Oh yes is that what your wanting me to say…well to bad to burst your bubble…You didn't. And besides I am that girl and you can forget trying anything cause I'm going to be gone from here in a matter of a few days…" in the middle of her speech she points to Ace and goes "See him that's who I'm going with and if you try any funny business you can just screw yourself over cause I know a few guys who would be willing to pulverize you." says Kiran as she storms off. The guy runs over and goes "What the hell did you do?" "Nothing I swear I am just her real dad." says Aries. "I figured that much." He says as he turns and goes off in the same direction as Kiran did.

The Capture

"Steady boys just wait she'll leave." says Jack. The group of rouges waited then Kiran left. Shortly Ace and then Tiara and the boys and Mimi was following… When Jack motioned 6 wolves to go after Tiara and Mimi…The two boys followed close to Tiara. The 6 wolves circled Mimi…and attacked her and Mimi had just enough strength to yell out "RICKY!" "Did you hear something?" says Ricky. "Yeah it was Mimi…Lets go!" shouts Tiara. With that all 3 of them ran to Mimi's aid and got all the males away from her. Meanwhile Jack administers the rest of the group to go.

Wolf Napping

Tana and her sister Tiffani were out on the hunt to see if there is any more rouges on there territory they were in there wolf form. "Tana do you fell like were not alone?" ask Tiffani. "Tiff you always ask that you know that there is no rouges here we have looked up and down." said Tana as she kept walking. Tana and Tiffani kept moving about there part of the territory. "Tana do you think the other's are ok or do you think some thing went wrong." ask Tiffani. "Will you quit they're fine just like us." Tana said.

A little later Tana and Tiffani were walking back when they was snapping of a twig. Tana stop and looked to where it came from Tana saw 3 wolfs behind them "Tiffani." "Tana there is 3 in front of me." "Well there is 3 in front of me to." as they were talking about this they didn't know that the 6 wolfs were moving in. Tana looked just in time to move out of two wolfs way but the next one got Tana. The one of the two that missed Tana went into his human form. The other one helped the first one to hold her down. The one that went in his human form pulled out a wolf tranquilizer and shot her with it. Tana felled the two other wolfs let go and she looked to her sister and saw the same thing that they did to her happen to her sister than everything went black.

Zoe was with Maya as they were walking within the territory. Zoe had a feeling that her and Maya were being watched. "Maya do you feel what I do?" Zoe asked. "Ya I do Zoe and I don't like it." said Maya. Zoe and Maya heard snapping of some thing and they stopped right in there tracks. Out of the blue were 4 wolves came jumping out of the bushes. 2 of the 4 wolves went for Maya and the other 2 want for Zoe. The two wolves that want for Zoe pinned her down and the same thing went for Maya.

Maya looked and saw two wolves in human form walking out with what looked to be guns and one shot Zoe. Maya saw this and ripped the two wolves off her and ripped ones ear off it was 4 on 1 battle Maya saw Zoe wasn't moving. Maya heard a shot go off and fell to the ground she tried to get up but couldn't do it. Maya saw everything was getting dark and went to sleep.

Hanna, Sun and Lesa were walking back to Kiran's house when there was a snapping in the trees behind them. All 3 stopped to look at where the noise came from and saw 6 wolfs running at them "Get to Kiran's now!" yelled Lesa as she ran at the wolves "No I'm going to fight." yelled Hanna. "Ya were a pack." said Sun as her and Hanna run in to the fight what they didn't know was 3 wolves were in human form. Hanna looked up as the 3 humans were running at the wolves they had what looked like guns there was 3 shots and Hanna, Sun and Lesa fell to the ground Hanna and Sun were out fast but Lesa looked up at one of the male wolves and said "OoO Kiran's going to kill you all when she… finds…out…" that was the last thing she said for she was gone with the wind.

Confusion Sets in

"Jack we got all of them but Kiran and two others. They had guys with them that's why we were not able to get them." says a wolf. "That's fine at least we got the majority. Well where are they?" says Jack. "Bring in the girls." said a wolf. A whole bunch of rouges bring in all the girls. Lesa is the first one to speak, "You'll never get a way with this." "Yeah Kiran will kick your ass." says Maya. "We'll see about that after all she is going to be the queen some day." said Jack.

Aries left the diner and decided to take a long walk back to his place where he was staying. A whole bunch of things were running through his mind. After what Kiran said to him made him feel so very low. He was beginning to have second thoughts about the plan. Aries began to walk in the door and sees all the girls in the room.

"Well Aries what do you think we should do to the girls?" said Jack. "Well as far as I can tell think we might want to let them go cause we might have under estimated Kiran. She seems to have developed the 'rouge rage' as well as the 'hybrid rage'." says Aries. "I thought that was not possible." says Jack. "Well so did I but she seems to have proven it wrong to us." says Aries. "Well to bad we can't stop now." says Jack. "We must and we will." says Aries. "We will carry on and who makes you the boss now." says Jack as he turned to the crowd and says "Aren't we tired of this old bag holding us back?" A whole bunch of the rouges agreed and pretty much wanted a challenge to the death.

"A challenge to the death, sounds great to me." says Jack. "Fine I know just the place." says Aries. The group walks over to a big open field surrounded by a bunch of trees and a river that circles the field like a moat circles a castle. As the battle starts up Jake takes charge at Aries, but Aries dodge the attack for the front leg. Then Jack does a 360 and gets bit in the back. Jack turns around with a vengeance in his eyes. Aries jumps at Jack and goes for his tail and Jack moves just in time and gets Aries hind leg and bites hard on his hind left leg. Aries grabs Jack by the throat and swings him into the river. Jack hits a rock and hurts his front right leg. Jack lunges at Aries and grabs his ear and rips it. In retaliation Aries jumps at Jack and grabs his tail and flings him on the other side of the river. Jack gets sorely upset and leaps at Aries neck and tries to swing him around. Aries limps over due to loss of so much blood. He falls down and begins to lose consciousness. He knew he had lost. Aries couldn't protect his daughter anymore and that kills him more than anything. "I won!" stated Jack as he turns back to the pack and says "Now let us go get this Kiran and make her my queen!"