first of all I wish to say sorry for not updating for a long time a lot has happen from now to when I last updated this story and hopefully I can update more now and not go off for a long time thanks in joy the story and I am sorry for the 3year wait for a new update enjoy **has not been redone sorry for wrong words and all**

The Bait

Kiran, Tiara and Mimi were running in the forest when the scent of blood hit Kiran's noise it was one that she didn't know of. Kiran stopped and looked for where the scent came from she noticed it was coming from a big open field surrounded by a bunch of trees and a river that circles the field. Kiran turned towards the scent and ran. Tiara and Mimi were right be hind her "Kiran what is it" Mimi yelled to Kiran. "its blood." said Kiran as she continued to run. Kiran, Tiara and Mimi run right in to the field with out knowing that they ran into a trap.

Kiran, Tiara and Mimi got to the field. Kiran looked around and saw Zoe, Hanna, Sun, Tana, Tiffani, Lesa and Maya on the ground and what looked like Aries. Kiran looked right at Aries body it was like he died but Kiran notice his chest rising and falling. Kiran looked at it for a while and noticed it look like a fight went on but why? Kiran looked up and saw about 21 lone wolfs in the forest in front of them.

The Notification

"Charles we're going to send for help. We're then going after Kiran and the girls. She's right were not going fast enough." says Ace. "Alright…Ace you are lucky I still got my tumbling pigeons…" says Ricky as he grabs a pigeon out of his bird cage and says to the bird "Take this home!" and attached a letter to its foot and tossed it up out of the window. The bird did a roll and then took into flight and headed back to the place it referred to as home which happens to be where the king is. "I can guarantee they will be here within the next 2 hours with how fast that bird flies its my fastest." says Ricky. "Well let us get going." says Ace. All three of the guys changed into wolf form and jumped out the window.

They first went to the diner where they caught Kiran's scent. Ace realized that they were following the scent of Aries. "Man Kiran you must be in rage." says Ace. "What do you mean Ace?" said Ricky. "She's looking for her dad 'the rouge' scents." says Ace. "Not a bad cookie I still can take her on." says Charles. The 3 all chuckle and keep following the scent.

"Ace were coming up on her I smell blood and I also smell the 4 wolf scent. There is more than just the 4 it's a bunch of rouges." says Charles. "Your correct." says Ricky then he continues "I think it might be a trap." "You just might be right you two." says Ace, They stop right before the edge of the forest line and see's Kiran, Tiara, & Mimi in one group and see's Aries with the girls and he is badly hurt to the point he looks dead. "Stay back guys I don't want to get surrounded." says Ace.


"What you wanting us to do Jack?" says a wolf. "We're going to wait and see. If Aries was right the girls should be here soon. Okay I want you to knock out the girls with the tranquilizers and then put them next to Aries. That will make her fume even more." says Jack. Some of the wolves began to think does Jack have a death wish or what not. The wolves did as they were told and put the girls in the middle of the field and barely got back to the forest line before Kiran and the two girls that came into view. "Be ready to kill the three males that will come. They don't need to be here. We need to get Kiran over here and submit her into our cause." says Jack.

Aries wasn't dead. When the wolves were putting the girls next to him he sneaked peaks and saw they were still okay. He also saw the look on the male's faces and saw they had some fear in their eyes.

King Me

Max was sitting in the throne room waiting for Ace to get back. He's in the middle of talking when a pigeon flew into the window and then realized there was an open window next to it and flew in. The pigeon landed right on the kings throne right next to him. "What's this?" said the king looking down at the pigeon. "Sir its got a note attached to it." said a court member. "So that it is…" says Max and gets the note and reads it. 'Need help, send aid, Kiran angry, girl pack napped, deep trouble. -Ace & Ricky & Charles'. "I told Ace not to send the whole pack back. Now we have to go to his aide. Gather the boys and we will head out in ten minutes." said the king. After the king had said that he told the pigeon to return to his master and then the pigeon nodded and made a movement and pooped then flew off.

10 minutes later Max and Ace's pack were following the scent of Ace. Max and the group go to a big open field. There they saw Kiran, some female werewolves, his son and a lone wolf that looked like there was a fight. Max saw Ace and went up to him "Ok who are the female wolves down there with Kiran." Max asks Ace. "They're her pack." said Ace. As they looked on they notices some males getting close to Kiran and her other two.