Gaining weight Justin?

Why darling how positively orgasmic you look in that new toupee!
In your new
cleanly spoken dirty
ideology, riddled with inconsistencies -

how you said you had not meant to
hurt me, though I know, that you know
that you are more manipulative than that…

all of that is just more hissing from my
already closing mouth, and how I recognize
that when I speak words to you, it is often
the first misstep that I take in regards to you.

But O! Soft sweet former love, how the folds of
your belly ripple like folded paper, like the stipple of
your heart in the ripe crown of your phobia.

And how you like to lean far back in your chair
extending arms clear across the room, easily gifting
the world with the mush of your hairy abdomen, ignominiously
spared the sheath of your leather belt.

This is how it was not
in boyhood; or the new sprout of a beard grown
heavy autumnal foliage over you face - perhaps a
simple solution to the acne grown up like weeds
across it.

I ask myself over coffee in my Sunday morning
stupor if I would have it any other way,

I can only
and nod.