Epic Journey

by mystery_man aka thatcrazyrainbowguy

The knight wields his weapon-
a fine gold gemmed sword
And I wield mine-
a pencil, paper, and imagination
Equally as powerful,
equally as impacting

By his chivalrous techniques
The knight proves his pride,
To people of Camelot,
and to his word in this poem,
by battling a fire-breathing dragon.
In my mind,
the fire that spews forth
is not of blazing heat,
but rather the fire of words
reigning down on the knight's shield
each one trying to better place another
As they fail to impact the hero.

Like the knight fights the dragon,
I fight the words,
that try to portray my thoughts,
picking and choosing which ones live
and which ones die.

A vast journey I follow,
much like the knights'.
I travel through the forest,
through the prairie,
through the mountain,
and through the fields of green grass.
Thought by thought
Page by page

The knight fights the beast for a prize-
piles and piles of gold worth millions,
While I give up my treasure-
a world of my own.

The knight ends his journey
with a deadly sword thrust through the beast.
While I end mine
With this line.