Pondering Waters

by mystery_man aka thatcrazyrainbowguy

As I walk around the block
I stop by the pond
Staring into the reflection in the water
I see not the face of a kid staring back,
but of a man who has to face the world

The days of exploring the woods,
building forts of nature,
skating on the pond
and bike riding
are all hidden beneath my reflection,
burdened by memories.

Pondering the friendships and adventures we had,
my mind is forced open to the present time
is always dynamic,
where chaos thrifts,
businesses buzz,
and war wearies.

Rain trickles down,
my reflection bulges
into disparate waves,
each one a gift of my life
spread throughout the pond,
and I realize I am alone.

I move away from the pond
and continue around the block.
I know, maybe, that my story is not yet finished
in this "new" world
I must try to blend in
and leave a new reflection.