The Sad Life of Petey Pinata

by mystery_man

I looked out my window
at the pinata across the street
Hung in a tree
in a beautiful yard

I called him Petey
He was vibrantly colored-
pink, turquoise, light blue, grass green
an attraction to my eyes,
a perfect form of art

I praised his rainbow flesh
and watched as his confetti swayed graciously in the breeze

So pretty, yet quiet,
he never said a word
I'd wake up to see him
swaying there happily every morning

he was my best friend
always peaceful and harmless
lovely like a dove

And then the stupid kids came
holding metal bats
and mutually beating Petey.

It was a long ten seconds
as threads of confetti continued
to fall and fall and fall...

I couldn't take it any more...

The guts spurted out...
releasing candy
which in my mind
seemed to taste like cigarettes

Yet the kids swam around in baths of candy,
stacking their bags full
in joy of the kill

Only my tears can remember the sad sad life of Petey pinata