I wonder if you realize
That in the scheme of life,
You're like a shade of grey
In a world that's
Black and White.

People wear crudely made masks,
Trying to hide who or what they are,
But what they don't know,
Is that the masks wear away,
Leaving their souls exposed.

It's supposed to be
Black and White
No color and no grey,
You wonder why I cry at night,
Why I am in pain?

You say it's not
Black and White
It's not just yin and yang,
Your green eyes are like a ray of color
In a world that's
Black and White.

The tribal mentality;
Erase away the grey.
Make sure that's not a splotch of color
On this cold winter day.

I can't give you up
I can't lose this on-going war,
The conflict is raging on,
But I won't lose your color,
I won't cry anymore.

They say it's
Black and White
Banish the color and the grey,
You're either with or against,
Who cares about the on-going angst?

I know it's not
Black and White,
There's more than yin and yang!
Please save me from this world
That wants me
Black and White.

You're the rose that blooms
After a harsh and painful storm.
I won't leave you now...
Not not or evermore.

No more tears,
No more pain,
We will surely carry on,
We will triumph and succeed...
In a world that's
Black and White.